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Old 06-16-2011, 07:46 AM  
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Originally Posted by blucher View Post
While in college Dahmer lived about 5 blocks down the street.
In PA I lived next to Catasauqua where an ex-girlfriend drove up from the Carolinas to murder her ex-boyfriends new gf.
Still in PA one of my tenants wanted to rent our cabin on a trout stream. I was surprised since he barely seemed able to pay a lower priced unit's rent. He said he'd be working overtime. The next day we learned "overtime" meant robbing a bank. He's doing life and I'm wearing my "robber boots".

In OR we have mom's chucking their kids off the Sellwood Bridge, a crazy arab kid who tried to blow up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and religious nuts who let their kids die without medical help.
That's nuts. I've seen a few Dateline specials in him.

Anyone else have and grit from their towns?

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Old 06-16-2011, 07:53 AM  
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Damn, it happened again! Parents/Husbands, watch your loved loved ones!

Sheriff's deputies Wednesday collected multiple computers from the home of a 20-year-old Mt. San Antonio College student suspected of planting a hidden camera in one of the school's restrooms.

Deputies served a search warrant at the Rowland Heights home of David Kim and then collected electronic storage devices and a "series" of computers from there, said Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Steven Katz.

Kim was arrested June 2, hours after a Mt. SAC employee discovered a hidden camera disguised as a coat hanger and installed in one of the school's unisex restrooms. He was cited with a misdemeanor and released, officials said.

Kim could not be reached for comment.

Mt. SAC held a disciplinary hearing for Kim on Wednesday, according to college spokeswoman Jill Dolan. School officials declined to comment on the outcome of that disciplinary hearing, citing confidentiality laws.

The panel that presided over the hearing will make recommendations to the college's vice president of student services who will then approve the recommendations or modify them, Dolan said.

If the panel recommends expulsion, the action would have to be approved by the school's board of trustees.

While Kim only faces a misdemeanor charge, Katz said more charges could be filed depending on what, if any, evidence deputies discovered through Wednesday's search.

"There's always a possibility of that," Katz said.

Deputies from the sheriff's Walnut/Diamond Bar Station and a high-tech task force are poring over the computer files, Katz said.
The camera Kim allegedly placed in the restroom contained images of six people who were clothed, officials said.

The Mt. SAC staff member discovered the camera while she was using the restroom and noticed a coat hook that had not been there before.

The woman gave the hook a closer look after remembering an article she read in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a coat-hook camera discovered in a Starbucks restroom in Glendora in May.

When she realized the hook had a pinhole where a camera could be fitted, she notified campus security, which in turn notified the Sheriff's Department, Katz said.


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This may be deleted, I hope not.
A number of years ago at my place of employment during the summer holidays (vacations). We used to have college and university students to "fill in" the more unskilled tasks around the work place.
One year we had a university student that was studying law and he wanted to become a solicitor (lawyer). We nick named him "The Sheriff" for obvious reasons.
We asked him to tell us one of the most unusally funny, bizarre and unbelievable court case he had attended. The story goes:-
A man picked up a woman in a bar one night and after a few drinks went back to her place for "coffee". Eventually ending up in bed and having sex.
She said that she "was into a little kinky sex, not much only a little".
The man asked "Like what do you want to do?"
She replied "Can I tie you up?
He said "Yes".
When she had tied him up and he was securely bound and could not move. Her husband pounced out of the wardrobe dressed as Batman and proceeded to have sexual inter course with the man. Yes, he bu--ed him.
Well, we could not stop laughing, even though it was an awful crime.
Everyone is equal, it is only that some of us are more equal than others.
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Any of the new folks have anything to contribute?
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ryan widmer

In Cincinnati, we had the Sarah Widmer and Marcus Feisel murders.
There have been three(!) trials for Sarah's husband Ryan. I still think he's innocent.
Marcus's murder is the most gruesome local story the town has ever seen.
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Blaming it all on a tumor?

LOS ANGELES (CBS) ? A Los Angeles City Commissioner has resigned in the midst of a child porn investigation.

The FBI is investigating Albert Abrams for possessing hundreds of pictures of child pornography.

CBS2 has learned that Abrams doesn?t deny the allegations, but he blames the pictures on a medical condition.

Investigative Reporter David Goldstein has the story.

?Did you enjoy looking at those pictures??

?Not at all,? says Abrams.

?Then why did you have them?

?That?s what we?re trying to find out.?

Until Wednesday, Abrams was on the City Board of Neighborhood Commissioners. It?s a non-paying position appointed by the mayor that deals with neighborhood problems.

According to an affidavit obtained exclusively by CBS2, an undercover agent allegedly downloaded pictures from a file sharing website frequented by pedophiles. The account name was ?BoyWonderUSA.? Hundreds of pictures containing sexually explicit images of children, some as young as 4 years old engaged in sexual acts.

The account was traced back to Abrams? home in Tarzana.

Goldstein asked Abrams if he went by the name ?BoyWonderUSA.? And he didn?t deny it.

?It is what my split personality decided to do. That?s what happens when you have tumors.?

That?s right, Abrams claims he has a split personality because of a tumor in his spine that affected his brain. And it was the other person who was watching kiddie porn.

He asked Abrams if he remembered watching it. Abrams replied, ?I was watching myself from a distance watching it.?

Goldstein asks, ?Watching yourself from a distance?? Abrams says, ?Yes.?

Abrams is a player in Los Angeles politics. Appearing with Council members. And he also runs a Public Relations firm where he claims to have worked on campaigns for Robert Kennedy, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. The FBI raided his home on Friday. He wasn?t arrested, but they seized his computer.

Now, days later, coincidentally, Abrams says the doctor just told him what was going on.

Goldstein asks Abrams, ?You just found out today that your medical condition triggered you to look at kiddie porn of toddlers as young as four?? Abrams says, ?That?s correct.?

Goldstein presses the point. ?Just today? Four days after the FBI raided your house and you?re under investigation. Isn?t that a little suspicious?? Abrams replies, ?No, it?s a very natural thing to find out what?s going on.?

Goldstein also asks Abrams? wife if she buys this story. ?Absolutely, I do,? she says.

Abrams wife, Linda, backs up her husband saying he was in pain from the tumor.

?He was at the end of his rope with the pain,? she says. ?He was just trying to carry on.?

Goldstein asks her if she believes the kiddie porn alleviated his pain. Of that she is suspect. ?I highly doubt that.?

Abrams is then asked if he will supply the name of his doctor. ?Absolutely.? But Goldstein reports that he stopped short. And never supplied a name. He promised he would call, but he hasn?t.

Goldstein wanted to know if Abrams believes he did anything he should serve jail time over. ?No, why. I?m not a criminal,? explains Abrams.

He also told Goldstein he sees no reason why he should step down as a commissioner.

Goldstein asks Abrams point blank if he should quit. ?That?s up for the mayor to decide.?

In closing, Goldstein asks Abrams if he believes he should be representing neighborhoods?families and children?

Abrams does not hesitate. ?Absolutely.?

David Goldstein, CBS2 News
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omg--i am in the ATL--so many--try not to remember all that goes on

we haven't had a 'bad' one since last January--all kinds of drug stuff goes on all the times---shooting and killing.

it will start up very soon---the holiday season--that is how we celebrate the holidays here

CNN will keep you informed---don't worry about that.

i have been there to CNN--all kinds of crazy people there--staff of CNN.

eta--here is fresh news-don't know what happened

Family and friends of Brittney Watts, killed by a gunshot to the neck July 15 in a Midtown parking deck, packed the courtroom expecting to see Nkosi Thandiwe, 22, arraigned. But because defense attorney Rickey Richardson received no notice of Wednesday's hearing due to a clerical error, Fulton Superior Court Judge Kelly Lee agreed to continue his arraignment until Nov. 16.

the biggest crime lately is the total collapse of Atlanta Public School system--hope they have gotten that fixed.

don't care one way or the other. they knew what they were doing--'cheating'--for years--and they lied and they got caught.

now people are facing consequences and crying--'I didn't know'--superintendent Beverly Hall--yes, she did. she did know. lots of people knew---did what was wrong anyway. little children--leading the community. sigh.
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Woman in Cracker Barrel attack case files suit *| ajc.com

a juicy crime story--been going on since 2009.

the woman is not really much of a 'victim'. she provoked the man. /gavel

he was punished--she might have also gotten consequences and justly deserved them

another great crime of last summer--le officer slapped a woman who wouldn't tone her voice down after he said to do that--in a Waffle House--she wanted to sue--but was 'under the influence'--that was about the end of that.

wherever they are--LE--just say, 'Yes, sir'---thank you, sir--all LE at the breaking point from the crime and traffic and pressures to care for their families--budget cuts--severe conservatism in GA--cut to the bone.

a county in So GA is thinking about or plans to use inmates to staff the fire department--there will be howling and screaming--but with no $---we are in desperate straits in GA.

conservatism---yes, that is needed in every aspect of our lives.

i was brought up that way--Methodist--we live simply. that is what we believe------John Wesley--GA founded as a debtor's colony. won't change--not ever. just save--do not spend. all we can do.

sigh--i drive a 15 yr old Honda. it is a good car. repairs are expensive, but it runs---1996---Olympics came to the ATL. we liked that---some of us. some did not--screaming and arguing about that may still be going on in some circles.

i liked the Games---not good enough for IOC--didn't care much what they thought--who are they, anway.

so we had the bomb in Centennial Park--and i didn't live far from the innocent man who was accused falsely of that crime.

mmmmhmmmm--that is the sort of person i am--often accused falsely.

it was very, very bad. hope he is doing better. i think i might have died---been too affected to survive something like that.

crime. it should stop. /gavel--all of it.
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Why would you sue Cracker Barrel? That don't make no sense.
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In my home town we had a dude that kept a women in a box under the bed. He let her out to go to work and for sex other than that she was kept in the box. The guy also had a wife and 3 kids. One daughter was in my class in high school.

I'm not Sheldon! I'm the Flash! And now I'm going to the Grand Canyon to scream in frustration *takes two quick steps* I'm back
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