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We are a nonprofit association dedicated to improving the lives of the local citizens living in and near Pine Lakes, Lake County, Florida.
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09:05 PM
I am putting together a fantasy football co-op. Each person involved will cover an NFL team and visit their training camp at least once. The information will be shared and hopefully this will evolve into a paid site.
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12:00 AM
Not many descussions from brewers in Minnesota. I know I'm not the only one. Specifically St. Cloud.
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02:08 AM
This group is for Realtors in the area to connect with other agents as well as with prospective clients who are looking to buy or sell homes in the Greenville, NC area.
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Spring is the time of preparing for summer, repairing damage done in winter, and with a sense of renewal, give new sparks and sparkles to tools and equipment year-long in use. March Home Maintenance Projects These projects that are ideally undertaken in or around March: 1. Check operation of toilet. Check the area between the tank and bol, and around the base for leaks. 2. Remove ?pop-up? drain plugs from sink or tub and clean. 3. Turn off the water supply to the house. Observe the water meter after 1 hour. If it has moved, there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing system.
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A spot for career or volunteer firefighters and EMT/Paramedics.
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For women & girls who enjoy walking & hiking the local trails but don't feel comfy going solo in the "wilderness," let's get together for some exersize and vitamin D!
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Anyone and everyone who has a Jeep in the Southwest.
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This group is for anyone who wishes to buy real estate in the state of New Jersey. Just state your specific requests at this site. You may email me the information at mash2400@yahoo.com My name is Myron. Im associated with the real estate company Coldwell Banker.
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