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I have to completely disagree with the people saying the shrimp trucks or the shrimp anything in Hawaii is good.

The fresh water prawns they sell in Hawaii are tasteless. So if you know what good, fresh shrimp from the Atlantic or the Gulf tastes like don't bother eating the shrimp in Hawaii or you will be sorely disappointed.

There is a lot of fantastic sea food to eat in Hawaii, shrimp is not on that list.

Others I disagree with are L&L and Rainbow Drive In's, neither are bad but they certainly are not good.
Also Zippy's not awful but not good by any stretch of the imagination plus many of the Zippy's I would check out would not have soap in the restrooms for days or weeks on end. So you know the employees are not washing their hands with soap if they don't have any soap in the resturant.

On Oahu:

I agree that Heleiwa Joe's is good but it's over priced.

Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab on Kam. Hwy is good and not terribly overpriced. They have equipment that leads you to believe they brew their own beer but I don't know if the really do or not as I never seen any brewing activity.

Anna Miller's also on Kam. Hwy. in Aiea is American fare and is a good place for a reasonable priced breakfast or lunch especially if you are at the swap meet around Aloha Stadium or at the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Ono in Waikiki is good, cheap traditional Hawaiian fare, but the place is packed for lunch so take out is a good option as there may not be any tables to sit at. If you want a luau save some serious money and get a take out lunch from Ono and take it to the beach on Waikiki.

Kua'iena ( I hope it spelled it right) in Ward Plaza across the street from Ala Moana Park and also in Heleiwa is really good and very economically priced, the hamburgers, the mahi sandwiches and french fries are great. All the sandwiches are really good.

Brew Moon also in Ward Plaza is pretty good and moderately priced and they have brewing equipment out in front of the place but I don't know if it's for use or for show. The beer is decent but nothing to write home about.

I think the name of another restuarant/brewery is Kona's you'll see their beer in package stores on the mainland, the food is good the draught beer is great. There is one on the Big Island of Hawaii and one Oahu in Hawaii Kai there may be one on Maui too. But I need to check my list.

I have a list of other good places from my research for a book on the Hawaiian Islands that I once planned to write, I'll post them once I find my list.

The Big Island:

What's Shaken Smoothie stand is good.

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