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I am a nurse with a wife wanting a warmer climate. Since this is the only state I have not been too I was just wondering what the employment opportunities look like in comparison to the cost of living?

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Old 01-25-2011, 02:11 AM  
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There ARE a shortage of nurses here in Hawaii.

The hours may be LONG, and I am not sure of the pay. When my Late Mother was in the hospital five years ago, I remember visiting her in the morning, and the same nurse was there in the EVENING! I asked the nurse how many hours she was here, and she said she puts in 16 hours a day! So expect that. Paywise, I checked for you, RNs make about $4250 - $8000.00 per month!

Cost of living, Hawaii is the most expensive state to live in. Some calls it "The price of Paradise". I call it ridiculous! And I AM an Islander 99% of my life. And I give you an example. To ride the bus back in 1968 was 10 cents! Then around 1972 and up, it went up to a quarter. That stayed a long time till the 1980s. 50 cents. Then $1.00. then now it is $1.50! Bus pass was $15.00 a month back in the 1980s. NOW? $60.00! Gas is around $3.58 per gallon and up, depending on which island you decide to live.

Rent here are also expensive, and we pay the highest morgages I guess in the entire United States.

If you need some links for local (Hawaii) hospitals for nurse job openings, I can do that for you.

And Hawaii is tropical, like southern Florida, without the many thunderstorms. You can go to the beach on Christmas and New Years Day!

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Old 01-25-2011, 05:40 PM  
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What he said! The price of living is definitely the highest, but I think it's worth it. I've only lived on Oahu for a year or so, and will be here two more years with the Marine Corps, but I'm definitely enjoying it.

As far as job opportunities, it seems that nurses are always in high demand! I don't know any specifics of it, though - just the general feel that I get.

For rent, for a 2+ bedroom house, expect to pay $2k/month on the cheaper side and up to $3k/$4k in the mid-range. Check out house prices online if you're looking to buy.

It is surviveable, but definitely very expensive! You'll undoubtedly have to cut back on a few things, unless you're much more well off than I! But I actually did go camping on the beach for New Years' this year - tell me that's not worth it!
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There are trade offs on the price of living in Hawaii. And while the prices are high you can find places like Wal-Mart that don't charge tourist rates. Depending on where on the island you end up living you may never need heat or cooling or either. The windward side an island is cool and windy, the leeward side is usually hot and dry. If you go to higher elevations the weather will be cooler especially at night and in the winter. The unemployment rate in Hawaii is very low. Most of the people are laid back and friendly. The traffic is heavy around Honolulu but again most of the people in traffic are easy going and agressive drivers are the exception rather than the rule. If you are of european decent expect some discrimanation and it is more expensive if you want to live in a neighborhood with others of mostly european decent. Many people have house and roommates to offset the high cost of real estate. So there are lots of rooms for rent if you are single. Expect some strange requests like "we expect you to pay for a want ad to find a replacement roommate if you move out". But with the advent of things like Craig's List this type of request may be less common now than when I lived there in 1998-99.
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