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Old 08-17-2011, 01:51 AM  
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waipahu, hawaii
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planning on moving..

okay ,id say im a "newb" to the adult world..

i joined the army at 17,got discharged 2 years ago. been living a simple life, paying rent, cell phone,insurance at the end of the month.

im planning to go back home to my real dads place (i was in foster care till i joined the army)

the army offered to relocate me but i decided to stay in hawaii.. then later changed my mind.. here i am trying to move from hawaii to illinois..

for the past year ive been shipping stuff home in them "usps flate rate "boxes.. its getting old, and its getting expensive..

im selling my truck and my old car, and furnature.. all im wanting to ship home is my clothes, tools, and radio control car collection,computer , tools and misc stuff such as my big tires and rims off my truck,suspension lift kit and tube bumpers ( planning to ship them home to illinois so i can put them on another truck .. the lift kit alone cost me $3000 ,i was only going to get $1500 for the whole truck, so i decided to pull off the good stuff and save it)

my question is ,is there any thing i can do to get all this stuff shipped out at one time, like in bulk? when the army moved me to hawaii,they loaded up all my stuff, and it was shipped to hawaii..but that was the army.. im not in the army no more...

and i dont realy know how id go about shipping my tube bumpers and rims/tires and that kinda stuff home.. i mean , there aint a box big enough that i can buy ...

does any one have any idea on how much it costs to ship a few big plastic buckets of stuff from hawaii to illinois? itd be a small load compared to what most people would ship during a move.. since im only one person shipping belongings, not a family shipping a lot of boxes and furniture..

please ,i need some advice.. this whole thing shipping clothes and misc stuff in flat rate boxes is getting old.

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Old 08-17-2011, 09:21 AM  
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I have lots of family living in Hawaii and you are correct.....shipping stuff to and from Hawaii gets real expensive. Leave the stuff with a friend or sell it there. It just isn't worth the cost of paying for shipping.

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Old 08-27-2011, 02:42 AM  
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Trust me, it'd be cheaper to sell them and put that money towards buying new ones. I'm on Oahu, so I know ha! I'm guessing that's where you are, too.
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