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Music that blew you away?

Have you ever heard a song or musical act that simply created a spiritual experience or blew you away?

For me, it was a group called Secede and the name of the album is Tryshasla. They only produced 500 cds of it, then an additional 1000 and then that was it. Secede, and moreover, the album Tryshasla are argueably the greatest ambient albums ever. I have to agree, but you decide for yourself!


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You couldn't have picked a better time to ask such a question. Ever since his going forward three months ago, I have been listening to nothing but the late beautiful precious in country music named Billy Joe Royal. I heard a fair deal of his material when I was a kid, but sadly I didn't finally realize who I was missing out on until it was too late and I couldn't be anymore ashamed of myself, I love him so much!!!

God bless you and his family always!!!


P.S. There are so many awesome songs from him, but if I can only share one clip of him here, it will have to be this one. To me the final line of the first verse couldn't be anymore fitting.


Check out my most favorite singer, James Otto, when you can!
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