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Green Jobs Policies

This was in an email from CFACT which seems timely since the subsidized solar company touted by Obama went belly up.

Dear Ed,

Think the radical Greens have a media monopoly? Not when CFACT comes to town. Listeners at over 120 radio stations across the nation are treated to a regular breath of fresh air when they hear Just the Facts, the radio show and podcast CFACT has been broadcasting since 1993.

Just the Facts is presented by CFACT President David Rothbard and Executive Director Craig Rucker and covers a full spectrum of issues concerning energy and the environment, development and economics, human rights and freedom.

When President Obama announced that he would rebuild the economy by spending tax dollars to subsidize "green jobs," Just the Facts took to the airwaves to debunk the green jobs myth. That radio show has now been converted to video for your viewing pleasure:

If you enjoyed that video, please forward this email to your friends and share it on any social media sites you frequent.

When Al Gore proclaimed that global warming would wreak havoc unless we hobbled our economy and put his pals on the eco-left on the tax dollar gravy train, Just the Facts doused his heated rhetoric with cold water using hard science, sound economics and real life examples.

These are just a few samples of CFACT's efforts that have produced real results for years.

We invite you to visit the Just the Facts archive and hear for yourself. We hope you'll share your favorites with your friends. Creating public awareness is central to CFACT's mission. An educated public is our best defense against the radical propaganda and scare tactics that represent such a dire threat to our freedom and prosperity.

Count on CFACT to deliver Just the Facts.

CFACT Co-Founders David Rothbard & Craig Rucker
Hosts of Just the Facts

You are receiving this email because you opted in at CFACT, ClimateDepot.com, or signed the All Pain No Gain Petition or Lord Monckton's Instrument of Repudiation.

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 65722
Washington, DC 20035
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