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Old 05-16-2011, 10:50 AM  
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If corporations can be people then can People be corporations?

not sure if this is political enough to warrant having to be in this forum over general off-topic....

I am currently reading the book "the unincorporated man", at first the premise seems silly but it does make a decent argument and presents some interesting ideas, it's in the future after a economic "grand collapse" so to solve it, government and corporations were redesigned in a way. when someone is born the parents get 20% the government gets 5% and the rest is available for purchase, things like school or large medical expenses can be achieved by selling stock in yourself so that those stockholders get a percentage of your income until you buy up your shares, you give out too many shares and your shareholders can decide certain things about your life such as where you work and what you do, but if you build up to majority you can decide more for yourself. of course we would need to go to some form of all digital currency for this to work as well.

By parents being invested in children financially they would in theory have more drive to make them successful as they own stock, and people in general can buy stock of those they think will do well therefore promoting a society more invested in each other. Educators are also personally invested in who they choose to educate as they will get a cut for the lifetime income as long as they hold the stock, and students that show more promise lose a smaller amount of stock then those who don't therefore encouraging more then just "getting a degree". Stockholders will determine what makes them the most amount of money, so if someone tries to abuse the system they can be put into very menial jobs.

interesting idea, think it could ever happen?

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You just never know. Sounds interesting though I must admit!
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