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Originally Posted by Eddie_T View Post
I suppose there will always be some who love to live at the expense of others."
Certainly! Like most of the extreme wealthy folks living on the backs of their workers. Oh I hear you! If companies like Walmart paid an honest living wage, then people wouldn't have to rely on food stamps and other government assistance. There's a saying by FDR that I like very much........."The best customer of American industry is a well paid worker". So true. All these jobs going to China and the ever increasing cost of goods, while wages remain stagnant, kind of makes one wonder how folks, apart from the absolute wealthy, in their Palm Springs homes, will be able to afford the products for sale, when there's no one working anymore in this country. It's coming eventually. Carl Marx was a prophet, and one day, capitalism will fail as predicted. It has to at its current pace. Might be long after we're dead, but it will come. I know that this forum is full of trolls that believe that Americans should work for pennies, well, we see that all over the planet in places like China with no regard for human rights at all. I wasn't around, but I believe the best times this country ever saw, was when unions reigned supreme. My partners father used to work 6 days a week, for minimal wages driving busses for the city of San Fransisco, and scarcely had time to use the restroom, until the blacks mobilized for unions back in the day. This man wound up getting much better pay, full medical, retirement and so on. Up here in my area, I've been forced to work for cash under the table, as has my life long friend, who still is working as if an undocumented worker, and........ his name is not Jose! I believe it really is true that if you place things within fairly easy reach, it can make a huge difference in peoples lives. Never mind the lazy kids that refuse to work, now. I'm talking about the folks that actually go out and work for a living. All my life, I never had access to healthcare, until Obama. Now, I get healthcare for $14.68 a month with only a $10 co pay. Just had two MRIs performed and it was $10. Found out I'm eligible for disability. Little things that really do help. You guys have a good one!

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