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Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, like those who can't care/plan for themselves NOT those who don't or won't.
One other category also exists, those who haven't a clue.

Renting appears a nobrainer. You put down a deposit and every month you pay your rent. Sometimes a car may require expensive repairs or you'll need a root canal so you put aside some cash for those GUARANTEED EVENTUALITIES. It's simple.

Soon you discover perhaps 25% of young people and way too many people old enough to know better are living from paycheck to paycheck, have no savings yet seem astonished when the inevitable happens. In a few cases I even met or spoke with parents who also had no real clue. We're allowing a culture of ignorance to pass it's failings on to generation after generation.

My Catholic HS never taught anything but college prep and no one there ever explained the simple economics of life. By college I understood that if I wanted something I worked for the money & saved till I could afford it. Simple

Not simple for kids who have credit cards but lack the understanding that it's also real money you must pay back. People are naive past anything I'd imagined. The Right can even convince the poor that tax breaks for billionaires are in their own interests so why are we surprised they don't understand APR, compounded interest or repossession?

I've had young adults thank me for telling them things I thought any 12 year old understood.
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Originally Posted by blucher View Post
One other category also exists, those who haven't a clue......
I agree with this...I believe that some think we should protect people from their own ignorance. I do not. If we do ANYTHING it should be educating people. Definitely we do not need to provide a safety net for people not having a clue. I know that it is possible for people to save for retirement. There may be a small percentage who absolutely cannot.
Some would have you believe that the only way you could retire well is if you were born into wealth. That is BS. I realize things are a little different now, but my father worked himself up to office jobs (engineering type stuff) and finished his days working for the same small business for about 30 yrs (by the way, no college degree and started poor). Always paid cash for new cars, never held any debt (except for mortgage). Ended up with retirement, investments, couple of rental properties...... There are folks out there who made (or make) much more than he did, but will end up with no retirement.
That is planning vs., not planning. If you remove the repercussions for not planning, then why would ANYONE plan? And if noone planned, where would we be then?

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