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Old 10-11-2011, 07:00 PM  

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tonight I am in a rare mood--a 'Man'---singing Krisofferson's 'Lord, help me Jesus'--pitiful, pitiful, pitiful--the Man is 'smart', a leader/pillar of the community---good--but the poor boy has never learned that when you hurt someone's feelings you say 'I'm Sorry'

any thoughts, comments on this are welcome

politics--the boor boy is a Conservative---probably supports Rick Perry. is this going to help???

i don't think so---from the frying pan into the fire---

that is what i think--but who am i? just a woman.

i guess --when it is time --I'll cast a vote for Herman Cain--won't do any good---i know that. didn't vote in the past 2 elections--couldn't--just couldn't.

my silence says something. i once voted for Carter--then I voted for Bush--sigh. those who have any insight--feel free to share.

lol--Blucher--keep posting those pictures. i enjoy them. why don't you run yourself--i would vote for you. kewl.

shaking my head --pitiful, pitiful. just close the nation down. that is all i think at this point.

man, woman--dem or gop--we are going to die.

yes, we are.

the 'boy' says--he is 63, fwiw---he has no regrets. i think he should have quite a few. he served this nation/Army--rose to a high rank.

??'The Best'--Army does more in a day than the rest us do in a lifetime. they taught him to say --'I have no regrets'. his mother must be rolling in her grave. she taught him better than that.

no shame--cannot understand why we can never be 'friends'.

adele understands.

now, expound as you will.

lol--if he were anywhere near me --i would cut him and have no regrets.

'the devil'---i've met the devil-he is something like charlie daniels. guess there will be some great music in 'H'--the heat will be bad--but I like---'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'--well enough. prefer the music of Bruce Springsteen--he may not be going--'anywhere' in eternity---i don't think he cares. he will keep singing his songs---'BRUCE ALMIGHTY'---i bow to his greatness--------Jersey boy--knows a thing or 2.

Dancing in the Dark--perhaps the greatest song ever written---it is my theme song.

i pray to find my 'Bruce'. if God cared He would find that man for me.

why--why-why---so 'Few Good Men'????

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Old 10-12-2011, 03:07 PM  

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best not to think of it anymore.

i went driving--got lost--2 minutes from my house i got pulled over by an officer---doing 60/when 55 is the speed limit--too tired----didn't see the motorcycle officer on the side of the expressway.

he was nice--gave me a warning--

nothing is worth causing a fatal accident--not a stupid, thick headed man, that is for certain.

Karma--i believe in it---he will get his somehow.

mmmhmmmm---it won't be pleasant--the list is long, very long. he needs 'pain'--serious pain--and to think about his stupidity--a lifetime of selfishness.

God will get him--and He won't be as nice as I was.

i would really prefer that he had a face to face meeting with Beyonce. i will pray for that. what she might do to a man like that---he would never forget.

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Old 10-12-2011, 04:11 PM  

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