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beyond belief--absolutely unbelievable

Nurse jailed after prank call to hospital *| ajc.com

That's because Heather Lynn Hallock allegedly called the Intensive Care Unit at WellStar Kennestone Hospital and reported that a patient was in full cardiac arrest on a fourth-floor elevator, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC.

More than 37 hospital employees, including doctors, nurses and security officers, searched the hospital for alleged critical patient but didn't find anyone, police said. Kennestone employees also called two other WellStar hospitals in search of the distressed patient.

"The search included the Duty Physician, the Duty Administrative Supervisor, Respiratory Therapists, Intensive Care Unit Nurses, Critical Care Unit Nurses, Security Officers and Registered Nurses from multiple floors including the Emergency Department," the warrant states.

No patient matching the caller's description was found.

some kind of Casey Anthony person?

i hope the judge requires a forensic evaluation and i don't know what other consequences might be appropriate. certificate revocation would go at the top of my list.

what would Dr. Drew say?

what earthly reason for doing something like this.

cough--i was 'unhappy' at a school system--disgruntled, profoundly disgruntled.

nearly lost my mind in fact. but in the worst moments i never considered 'taking revenge' in such a manner--i would expect to face a lifetime in prison --A Teacher---to do such a thing.

it would have been on every cable news station--analyzed by the entire world--perhaps Nancy Grace would have been compelled to take action.


if the low profession of Education can be scrutinized so closely--then each and every profession should do the same. that is how i feel.

some professions --shaking my head---the medical profession should fly into a rage over what goes on in some places --corporations who offer medical care---a hard look should be taken--a very hard look. HMO.

the government should scrutinize the mental health facilities. GA is in crisis there, too. under federal investigation. Social Services in the deepest of trouble.

the jails---in terrible condition and so overcrowded---something seriously needs to be done there

as far as i know---there isn't a profession that couldn't use improvement.

one bright star---my local Library system unfailingly delivers excellent service--the type of people who are hired---naturally inclined to be excellent--work in the library because that is what they really enjoy doing.

it is like heaven--absolute heaven to visit the local libraries.

Borders' bookstores were like them--certainly sorry to see them go. i worked for Borders--a really good company---so few, so few.
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