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Holy Crud I hate Expression Blend 3


Ugh... so many nagging issues that make it so much more difficult to do my job. For one, when I want to build my projects, just one of them, I have to build the whole solution of projects.

Two, it does a downright ****ty job of managing internal project references sometimes. I lock it up for the end of the day on Friday, save all of my work and everything compiles and renders hunky-dorey. I come to work on Monday, and all of the sudden, it can't find my custom Label classes "LabelBackground" property. So I clean the solution, rebuild, still can't find it. Check the references, all good there. What irks me, is that it can find the custom Label.Text property, but not the Label.LabelBackground property... They're in the same damn scope! Same member access operator, same everything except data type. And it worked before! I didn't CHANGE anything! Ugh!

Three, it likes to give me this lovely build error sometimes:

"We can only call this method once."

OK? That's worthless! And my projects won't compile because of it. Closing Expression Blend and then reopening and reloading the projects seems to fix the problem. But you would think after THREE damn versions they would have fixed it


Sorry guys, but when you pay $600 for a software suite and you have to fight with it when dealing with large scale projects, this sort of crap becomes tiresome pretty quickly.

EDIT: Oh, and btw, Visual Studio 2008 with the WPF plugin doesn't have this issue. Funny how the tool designed, from the ground up, to work with and create WPF projects continues to choke on its own primary directive and VS 2008 doesn't have an issue with it. Dammit, MS...
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