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This just in........

Alcohol and cancer: Is any amount of drinking really safe?

The problem? Such rules may have kept people from getting too drunk, but they failed to take into account the growing body of work linking alcohol use with cancer, according to the authors. In recent years, alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the risk of mouth, throat, breast, colorectal and possibly liver cancers, in such reports as this one from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research and this one published in the journal the Lancet in 2009.

For this reason, Latino-Martel and coauthors cautioned health authorities -- including the government of Canada, which is expected to release new drinking guidelines later this year -- against telling consumers that any amount of drinking is truly safe, at least, when it comes to cancer risk.

"It can be concluded that there is no level of alcohol consumption for which the cancer risk is null," they wrote. "Thus, for cancer prevention, the consumption of alcoholic beverages should not be recommended."
In other news......

Studies have shown exposure to Chinese 2nd hand smoke may cause cancer in Rhode Island rats. Jello is addictive but Pill Pushers INC. has developed a monthly anti-jello shot that will keep you from complete dependence. Eating more than one glazed donut a decade leads to morbid obesity so cut them in half and enjoy one every five years.

Taint the government keeping us safe from ourselves, it's nuts like smoking nazis, MADD and the Daughters of the Revolution.
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