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Old 10-23-2010, 11:02 PM  
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Fleming, Ohio
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Ohioans, who are you backing for Governor?

The Governor's race is a tough one for me. I guess that it is better than Mike White running for Governor. Anyhoo, who are you backing and why?

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Old 10-25-2010, 09:46 PM  
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Wood County, Ohio
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I can Answer that real Quick !! See Below.

ASSAULTS #1, 2, 3, 4 ? Voted For Clinton/Schumer Gun Ban Four Times and Given ?F? by the NRA In 1994, Congressman Kasich voted for Congressman Chuck Schumer‟s Gun Ban bill, which became the Clinton Gun Ban. [HR 4296, House Vote 156, 5/5/1994] As Congressman Kasich‟s spokesman said on May 6, 1994, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, ?[Kasich's] convinced that banning these guns will not infringe the rights of legitimate hunters and sportsmen in Ohio.?
Congressman Kasich was Key Vote in Passing the Clinton/Schumer Gun Ban ? If Congressman Kasich had voted against the Clinton/Schumer Gun Ban, it would not have had enough votes to pass the House. ?The measure, passed 216-214, represents a dramatic victory for the White House and gun control proponents and a defeat for the National Rifle Association, which had lobbied against the bill.? [Columbus Dispatch, 5/6/94]
In 1994, Congressman Schumer‟s Gun Ban bill was rolled into Clinton‟s Crime Bill. Instead of supporting gun rights and the 2nd Amendment, Congressman Kasich voted three times in favor of Clinton‟s Omnibus Crime Bill that banned numerous firearms, including the AR-15 and M1A that are used in the National Trophy Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. [H Res 526, House Vote 414, 8/21/1994; HR 3355, House Vote 415, 8/21/1994; HR 3355, House Vote 416, 8/21/1994]
According to a letter to the Columbus Dispatch on October 11, 1994, ?Kasich said on WTVN (610AM) that an overwhelming number of calls to his office were against a ban on assault weapons, but he ignored them because he knew that the ?gun lobby‟ pays people to call.? On the CNN show Inside Politics Extra on May 17, 1996, he said ?it was just a common sense deal.?
ASSAULT #5 ? Voted Against Repealing the Clinton Gun Ban In 1996, Congressman Kasich had the audacity to vote against the repeal of the Clinton Gun Ban. In voting against the repeal, Congressman Kasich also voted against requiring mandatory minimum sentences for criminals committing violent crimes with certain firearms and enhanced prosecution of violent criminals. Despite Congressman Kasich‟s opposition, the bill passed 239-173. [HR 125, House Vote 92, 3/22/1996]
ASSAULT #6 ? Voted for a Ban on Deer Hunting In 1992, Congressman Kasich voted against the amendment by Congressman and NRA Board Member Bill Brewster to allow deer hunting to continue at the Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge. Congressman Brewster called the issue ?the hunter and sportsmen vote of the year.? Despite Congressman Kasich‟s opposition, the amendment passed 255-160. [HR 5503, House Vote 299, 7/22/1992; AP, 5/23/92]
ASSAULTS #7 & 8 ? Voted to Restrict Gun Shows In 1999, Congressman Kasich voted TWICE to increase background checks aimed at closing down gun shows. [HR 1501, House Vote 447, 9/24/1999; HR 1501, House Vote 438, 9/23/1999]
ASSAULT #9 ? Voted Against Big Game Hunting In 1997, Congressman Kasich voted for Congressman John Fox‟s amendment to prohibit any development assistance funds from being used to support or promote big game hunting. Despite Congressman Kasich‟s support, the amendment was rejected 159-267. [HR 2159, House Vote 359, 9/4/1997]
ASSAULT #10 ? Voted Against Stopping the Harassment of Law-Abiding Gun Owners by the BATFE In 1995, Congressman Kasich voted against an amendment by Congressman and NRA Board Member Harold Volkmer to prohibit the use of evidence obtained by the ATF (now the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives) unless it was obtained under a search warrant. Despite Congressman Kasich‟s opposition, the amendment was adopted 228-198. [HR 666, House Vote 101, 2/8/1995]
ASSAULT #11 ? Voted for D.C. Gun Ban In 1999, Congressman Kasich voted against Congressman Virgil Goode‟s amendment to repeal the law which prohibits District of Columbia residents from possessing a firearm. [HR 2122, House Vote 240, 6/18/1999]
ASSAULT #12 ? Voted for Handgun Restrictions In 1986, Kasich voted for anti-gun Congressman Bill Hughes‟ amendment restricting the rights of handgun owners. [HR 4332, 4/1986]
The Associated Press wrote about Congressman Kasich?s support of gun control, ?Kasich said he voted for a ban on assault weapons and was prepared to examine other restrictions... Kasich said he was willing to consider additional background check requirements for gun purchasers.? [AP, 5/21/99]
Now tell US who you are Voting For?.

U.S. Army Veteran - NRA Life Member
NRA Pistol Instructor & Gunrange Safety Officer
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Old 10-27-2010, 12:03 PM  
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Toledo Ohio, Swanton,Ohio/Dodoma,Tanzania
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Kasich is the biggest liar ever, can't be trusted at all and anyone who votes for him will pay the price for sure in the very near future.
He's all about the political game not the good of Ohio
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Old 10-27-2010, 02:16 PM  
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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He claims to be for gun rights now, and even claims that he owns a handgun currently. However, we're yet to see how he'll actually act.

He has said that his vote in 1994 was a mistake - not that it makes it any better.
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