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Anyone here on the coast? How's everything? Just got a report of some damage to the port in Brookings... but no real detail on how significant.

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Just in case

This disaster is a good learning tool for Oregon since we share a subduction fault with Japan.
Local news says the Cascade passes will be closed by a large earthquake. They say I5 bridges in S. OR and over the Columbia will be impassable with possibly the Marcum bridge being okay. Those of us in the Willamette Valley will be on our own for a time and we'll need information about medical care, food and bridge repair work.
Batteries and rechargeable batteries won't last long. I keep a backup supply but they're not enough.

The National Weather Service has these suggestions;
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My radio just arrived from Amazon for about $25 inc. shipping.
There's an ad in now for one for $15.28 + shipping.
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It works well but reviews say the recharging isn't a strong point. The crank seems quite good and is why I decided I needed one.

NWR Receiver Consumer Information
Programming Your NOAA Weather Radio
Where to Buy a NOAA Weather Radio Receiver
Receiver Types and Models
Public Alert ? Devices
Residential Grade Radios and Features
Weather Radio Receivers for Consumers: List of Manufactures
Industrial/Commercial Weather Radio Receivers: List of Manufacturers
Traveling to Canada
Receiver Recalls
NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards transmitters broadcast on one of seven VHF frequencies from 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz. The broadcasts cannot be heard on a simple AM/FM radio receiver. There are many receiver options, however, ranging from handheld portable units which just pick up Weather Radio broadcasts, to desktop and console models which receive Weather Radio as well as other broadcasts.

Where to Buy One
While National Weather Service (NWS) staff prepare and produce Weather Radio broadcasts, NWS neither manufactures nor sells receivers. You can buy receivers at many retail outlets, including electronics, department, sporting goods, and boat and marine accessory stores and their catalogs. They can also be purchased via the Internet from online retailers or directly from manufacturers.

Receiver Types and Models
NWS does not endorse a specific make or model of receiver. The lists below, which contain just some of the many NOAA Weather Radio/EAS receiver manufacturers and resellers, is provided as a convenience not an endorsement.

Residential receivers
Industrial/commercial grade receivers
Depending on the information you want to access, and how and where you plan to access our broadcasts, you have many options. There are standalone Weather Radio receivers as well as multi-band/function receivers with the weather band included. If you are want to be alerted to Warnings and Watches day or night, a standalone receiver might work best for you. If you just want to be able to tune to in the weather broadcast and do not care about receiving alerts, a general multi-band/function receiver could be better.

Standalone Receivers: Standalone receivers might also come with AM/FM bands, but their primary use will be to receive Weather Radio broadcasts. You can choose between handheld and desktop models, depending on whether you plan to take your radio with you when you go out. There are many choices from a number of manufacturers with prices ranging from around $20 to over $100, depending on the number of features included.

Multi-Band/Function Receivers: These receivers bundle a number of features. Weather Radio is just one of many frequency bands included. You can find the Weather Radio band included in:

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