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Avoderm dog food

Has anyone tried this brand and if so... what are your thoughts? I have a boxer that has had several mast cell tumors removed and am trying to be very conscious of his activities and food habits. Dogfoodratings has this listed as a 4 star based on it's ingredients and I was curious from people who have actually used it. Also, I was concerned about the use of avocado in the meal.

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Avoderm is very good food, and the added avacado really puts a shine on their coat. The drawbacks are that this food is very expensive (unless you can locate a coupon) and the dogs are not crazy about the taste if they are finicky eaters. I've used it for years and no longer have to add oil to their diets, but will usually mix it with a brand they like.

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I have some concern about how animals are suffering from this recession. They frequently find pets and horse reduced to skin and bones. Someone recently locked their cat in a storage locker without food. The cat was in rough shape but it's recovering.
I feed feral cats abandoned by apartment renters. My town is a bedroom community with thousands of units and when some lose jobs and shelter the pet suffers too.
The last of the soup can sized catfood is in a discount chain that buys discontinued products. It would require more than a dozen of those tiny tins to equal one dinner serving.
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