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Old 01-04-2011, 09:25 PM  
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Pet Insurance?

I know pet insurance is available, but I have yet to inquire whether it is worth it or not. Please advise if you have insurance for your pet, and advise any pros or cons with the policy.

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Old 01-04-2011, 09:33 PM  
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I don't know if it's still active or not, but we did have some sort of insurance policy through Banfield with my dog.

I know I'm not helping much, but when we did have him neutered it paid for quite a bit of the surgery and they did break down the cost and show us how much it saved. Pretty substantial.

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Old 01-05-2011, 08:04 AM  
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I know sometimes you can get it through your vet. You pay so much in the beginning of the year and it covers anything that might happen plus, regular visits and shots.

I say it is a good thing.
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Old 01-21-2011, 01:43 PM  
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I just had my Great Pyrenees pass and now that we are looking for a new dog we will get insurance. We spent thousands at the vet over the his short life and insurance would have easily paid for off.
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Old 01-28-2011, 02:02 PM  
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I've looked into it but as little as my boxer needs to go it's cheaper for me to pay out of pocket. She never needs her teeth cleaned and she only gets rabies shot ever 3 years (which I just pay less than 20 for the shot nothing for the visit). So I see a vet 1 every 3 years. I actually need to go soon to get her thyroid checked (T4 test) and I'll be paying out of pocket about $80.
My parents pay pet insurance through Banfield and it really saved them allot of money. Depending on your package you have all your pet visits covered, as well as a yearly dental. Plus any medications are cheaper. So it can benefit you. I would talk with your vet or banfield and see if it's best for you.

Pet Health Plans for Optimal Dog or Cat Health Care Plans - Banfield
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Old 04-27-2011, 07:50 AM  
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I've got Brussels Griffons who get into everything so ins is needed to cover them. I went with petfirst and really like them. dmartin at petfirst dot com helped me. family rates, reasonable too., lower than the other places.

Corrected this post in July '11: I still believe this is the lowest priced place for animal ins but I have had 2 situations come up, paid out nearly $1K to the total and this ins co didn't email me or anything and didn't payout a dime. When I called, I got the canned message of it all being pre-conditions. DUHH and disbelief. 2 broken toes misdiagnosed as allergies do not add up to a pre-condition and they are still refusing to cover my dog's bills. So I am just out all that money, and paying ins coverage on her. What do you think?


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