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dhunt 02-25-2011 03:50 AM

Electric Biking
Well, it's time for a shameless plug for Electric Bicycles in Grand Junction.

First of all, what is a Low Speed Electric Bicycle.

1. No more than 750 watts or 1 hp electric motor

2. Must be construction as a bicycle (same building rules)

3. Must have functional Pedals

4. Must have a least one brake

5. Must follow all Bicycle Laws

6. Does not require a Drivers License, Registration or Insurance

It's not considered a Motorized Bicycle. It's a Bicycle by legal definitions.

I70West Lightning

It's gotten to the point where Bicycles are now a viable transport in Grand Junction. And my electric Bike can just about go anywhere from Clifton to the other side of Grand Junction and back. I will admit that I have a few bucks spent on Batteries to do this. I have two. One is the main one that I run on. It's a 16 AH 36V Lithium Magnesium while the other is a LiIon 10 AH 36V. Added weight for both batteries is less than 15 lbs. Range? About 30 to 35 miles. Trust me, you don't want to be on a bike for 30 miles this time of year.

I70West* Lightning Bikes

All 3 are electric bikes. I normally ride the little 3 wheeler to do parts runs and grab groceries because it has the room for junk in the trunk. But for long hauls, I take the Red Bike. The larger bike gives me the full 20mph (it can go faster but don't) and longer range.

Not bad for a nickels worth of Electricity per 20 miles.

For those of you that want to save a lot of money on transportation, this is a great investment. My bikes are getting long on the tooth and need replacing. But the good news is, I just replace the bikes not the electrics.

Well, that's my :2c: worth of time. See you all on North Avenue.


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