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Lariatbob 03-01-2011 07:45 PM

Whatcha brewing now?
Just thought I'd ask.
Right now I have a nice golden rye beer on tap, but not many glasses left.
I have a second tweaking of my Chocolate Cherry Chipotle Porter in the secondary. First run was awesome, needed more cherry tones.
I also have a Budweiser type clone in the secondary. Will be kegging it when I get back from vacation next week. First try using flaked corn and flaked rice adjuncts.
I also have a Golden Dragon (Gulden Draak) belgian in my conical. 23 lbs of grains and 1 lb of candi sugar. Looks, smells and tastes like it will be incredible.

My timing is off right now and I will probably run out of homebrew before the next batch is kegged/carbonated/aged. I hate going to the liquor store when my beer is so much better.

So......what do you have in the works?

ameshong 01-21-2013 08:49 PM

Starting the morning off with an orange ipa then moving on to my house esb. I also have to keg my honey rye lager and transfer my seisson to secondary.I brewed a Kolsch yesterday. It is fermenting nicely right now. I have no more recipes so will have to figure out what the next beer will be.

samfloor 01-21-2013 08:59 PM

They allow home brew in Korea? Amazing.

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