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hafmpty 03-04-2011 03:05 PM

Electric R/C Airplane Flying Locations
I fly Electric R/C (remote-controlled) planes. I'm always looking for fun, new places to fly my planes. Here are a few places that I enjoy. Let me know if you've got some others.

Delhi Park. You have to be careful of the time of the year. During baseball season you can go during the day, but the weekends and evenings are all filled up. They've got lots of open spots and every now and then there'll be a soccer goal without a net you can fly under.

Delshire Middle School. On the right evening this is a great place. There is a baseball field you can take off from and there's a football goal you can fly through and/or under. FUN!

Mile's Davis Park. This is a location for your slow flyer. It's a bit small, but they have a few picnic tables you can try to land on.

Do you have others? I know it's a short list, but I'm at a loss for the other places I've been. These are definitely my top sites though.

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