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parrothead3696 08-05-2003 08:22 AM

really? think ya got the wrong post then... this is bk on 123. :shock:

and mousie(nice name!), I don't assist my wife in running her store, she's fully capable. I just pass on suggestions from people like ma, jaed and durangobob. So why not stick your post where the sun don't shine huh? :evil:


MonkeyAnvil 08-05-2003 06:17 PM

Heya Parrothead.....chillllll and suck on a lime margarita in your flip flops for a while why dontcha....::grinning::::.......a gather you're a Buffett fan eh?

Same here, grew up listening to him. Somehow it just makes hanging out on the coast when I hear his music darting in and out of the surf noise.

God, I need to head down there and stick my feet in the least.

- MA

parrothead3696 08-05-2003 07:44 PM

thank god i found some sanity...

as for now i'll search for my salt shaker :D

who cares 08-06-2003 12:58 AM

in awe
we had the best manager. she lost her job so we could keep ours. :cry: :evil: thisis so uncalled for.they are such petty little things to lose your job. WHATEVER!!!!!!!! we have a geeky mexian named ronald. his name is not even mexican. he's going to lie to us but the jokes on him, we already know he's going to lie to us. NONE of us are that naive.
john cried when he had to fire her , so i've been told. this is so ****ed up ronald is going to clean house. he says he's not but i'm not that dumb & neither is anyone else. oh by the way parrot head, do you work for bk? i don't think you do so why don't you shut the hell up . you are causing problems for most everyone.u could get your wife in alot of trouble if john better yet mike catches you. ha ha.

parrothead3696 08-06-2003 10:43 AM

We have passed into the surreal....

what's going on? :?


MonkeyAnvil 08-06-2003 03:20 PM

Twilight Zone think that a post about BK would turn into a 3 page I think I'm gonna skip checking this posting for a while until the ride stops.


- MA

cuteymcpretty 08-06-2003 08:10 PM

BK story getting a little ridiculous
first we were hating on Burger King, then we get some managers or managers' friends husbands, whatever, then some guy shows up and bitches about how he's underappreciated, and i guess finally decides to quit workin there, then some other unknown person is like givin her story about these people we dont even know. like we would know who she's talkin about even if she gives their names out...but anyway, hmm i guess it's better than daytime television...

parrothead3696 08-07-2003 05:28 AM

As The Burger Cooks???

gosh, all we need now is some double crosses and the odd affair :lol:


Attempt at Sanity 08-07-2003 02:54 PM

First of all: mousie, assuming you really brought this to John's attention, you need to shut up yourself. Parrothead might have chosen some bad phraseology in making it sound like he ran the store but crying to daddy because your boyfriend got insulted is sad. Next time try the role of 'rightous indignation' instead of 'tattle tale' and you might even end up with an appology instead of instigating more conflict.

and for 'Who cares': Everyone needs a place to vent, especially if they work somwhere like fast food. This shouldn't come to the attention of anyone in the upper management. I would even argue that this type of FEUD shouldn't even be here on this forum. Its amaziong how the topic goes from complaint to defense to somthing entirely new.

parrothead3696 08-07-2003 08:36 PM

how did we get so far off track? :?


who reallly cares 08-07-2003 11:20 PM

:o ummmm, that was a complaint, sanity. oh, u know 9695 is next. uhh, mousie maybee u should be a little more discreet. you know not so obvious. u could cause some trouble u do not want. :roll:

Durangobob 08-08-2003 02:16 PM all started w/ employee complaint..then users joined in...i joined in as well. Of course i praised the food...and i thought the thread was gonna go towards that direction and end. Instead...the complaintant came back to post, reverting the thread back to complaining..and here we are today :roll:

parrothead3696 08-08-2003 05:26 PM

Given that we are so far off the original post I think that we should end it... if any one has a real suggestion for the manager of bk on 123 e-mail me.


A word to the wise 08-08-2003 05:28 PM

To the current and past employees's posting on this site...the phrase "Don't **** in your own nest".

You figure it out.

jhodges 08-09-2003 12:32 AM

that's it.. i'm ending this conversation permanently... now that we have ppl threatening people i think it needs to end.

Just try to keep it a little more civil from here on out.

btw.. though registration is not required to post it is appreciated.

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