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A2 08-21-2003 08:42 AM

$tarbuck$ comin' to San Marcos ????????
Yeah that's what I heard. Ya know the ol' First National Bank on the corner of the square that they are completly redoing?
That's where it's going to be.
So put the word out.

I personally don't like the idea, but I only buy brewed coffee from Sac n Pac, or I brew it myself.
I don't like any big buisness that would take away from locals.

Go Figure.


jhodges 08-22-2003 11:35 AM

that totally sux.

we already have two fine local coffee shops within rock throwing distance of there.. plus it looks like that will be a really great high visibility location and will probably get a lot of the college crowd..

well I for one will not patronize it.. I think we should all do our best to support REAL local business, not multi national corporations.

Resist the Wal-martizing of America!

Durangobob 08-23-2003 07:09 AM

it's a good thing
Altho local business may suffer, corporations offer more jobs. Most major corporations started off as local, look at nordstrom

Starbucks, will add to San Marcos growth, as well as tourism to the city, since the majority of americans are engrossed in pop culture they will appreciate the new business.

I believe as well, that locals who are anit-corporate will be substantial enough to keep the local coffee shops in business, since San Marcos isn't too metro yet.

It's a good thing, change is good....look at Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, CiCi's, added to the once dead shopping mall.

The only thing constant is change

jhodges 08-23-2003 11:11 AM


Altho local business may suffer, corporations offer more jobs.
I think you are confusing Starbucks with some other corporation that could actually bring real growth. Starbucks will only offer a handful of McJobs that our recent high school graduates can add to their Burger King / Taco Bell / McDonald's rotation. Now, say if Toyota opened a factory here.. that would bring some real economic growth.

The fact is starbucks will take away more $ from the local economy that it will give back.


Starbucks, will add to San Marcos growth, as well as tourism to the city, since the majority of americans are engrossed in pop culture they will appreciate the new business.
You may have a point here, and I admit that my finger is not firmly on the pulse of mainstream america. For instance, I cannot imagine for the life of me why the outlet mall is the most popular tourist destination in TX.. just blows my mind. But that's a subject for another topic. You state that Starbucks will increase San Marcos tourism? Sounds ridiculous to me.. you think people will travel here to visit our special starbucks when they have one of their own just down the street?

If starbucks puts one of our coffee shops out of business (and i don't doubt that they can) then we all lose. We all lose a little bit that is special and unique to san marcos and gain a little that is not. We lose a local business with local owners where every dollar we spend comes back to the community, and we gain a corporation where the profits get shipped off to seattle.

There is one good thing I can think of that may come out of this.. If they are going to be in that building on the corner of the sqare as A2 said.. are they paying to have it redone? If so then they actually are giving something valuable to the community. Anybody got any info on this?

Durangobob 08-23-2003 12:38 PM

Both locally and nationally, it brings jobs. Local business have no CEO, CFO, of Human resource dept.....

Altho new jobs are likely not to be created at the corporate level it sure does give them just one more store to monitor. Wether it be technical, consumer, or marketing, or human resources.... So yes it brings jobs on all lvls. I know this because i work at the McCoys corporation, and our new Store in Austin fed more jobs, payroll division, human resources, tech support, lumber & milling....and the list goes on.

As for tourism, Starbucks adds that flava for metro's that are use to their own starbucks. They come for the river, shopping, and sightseeing, and notice they didn't leave starbucks at home. Starbucks is around the corner, and for a town this size it can leave an impressionable memory.

San Marcos is not a podunk town, and every new metro/major business that comes in is always a good thing. It gives tourists a sense of their big city living w/ small town class.

MonkeyAnvil 08-24-2003 08:04 PM

Rumors?'s actually already here. If you go to the new digs(food bar) right there on the corner of LBJ and University Drive... where the ice cream shop used to be, there is a little stand inside that dawns the signage, "Starbucks."

About the "ole First National Bank," from what I have's being renovated for legal offices....and a lady bought it about one year ago. I think this info is somewhat reliable. Green Guy was hired to take the old cooling system out of it and the contractor kept refering to the old vault doors as perhaps getting in the way of the "office workers, " then recounting that it may come in handy for "their file room." If these are any indicators to place bets against, I'd say Starbucks is where they are and could indeed have plans to set a store down here in San Marcos, but maybe not the old bank. Still not sure, but hoping the info I have is accurate.

I don't personally have anything against the moment...and I am not unilaterally against Corporations...have been the CIO of one myself, but the thought of seein one on eht square in San Marcos would not thrill me. In fact, if Starbucks is the measurement which we use to determine whether or not we are on the societal "pop-culture" radar...I'd say the standards have dropped below what I am willing to support.

I'll keep buying from Jo On The Go as long as they have a door to go in and out of.

- MA

A2 08-25-2003 06:35 AM

I'll be the first to admitt that my sources are not that reliable. And if you see that Grizzly Adams lookin' mofo, Kyle , over at green guy, tell him A2 said that he's comin' to get his ratchet set back, and I ain't takin' no prisoners.

Starbucks sucks.

And I can't say enough bad things about McCoys. Sorry Durango, nothin' personal. I just had a few bad experiences at the store on 123.

I'll keep askin' 'round about $tarbuck$, I'll let ya know what I hear, and y all do the same.

Much Love,

MonkeyAnvil 08-25-2003 08:00 AM

A2, I'll tell that hairy old troll at Green Guy what you said, I'm headed that way today to drop my recycling off. If I were you, I'd get your socket set back pronto...if you know Green Guy like I know Green Guy, things don't last long around there - it's just the way the place is. ie; don't tie your poodle to the post there.

I hope Starbucks stays nearer the college, maybe even a campus installation...just not the old bank...please.

McCoys...well...I still shop there periodically...but there is simply nothing they have at a better price than Lowes or Tuttle Lumber Co. that I could take adavantage of. DurangoBob, know different?
Reasons for shopping at McCoys over Lowes or Tuttles?

- MA

08-25-2003 11:13 AM

Yeah, I saw the sign about serving starbucks where the Baskin Robbins used to be at that new restaurant/cafe thingy.

I haven't gone inside though.

I like Starbucks...hate their prices but the ****'s good.

How is Mochas Javas? I should try that place out since there's two of em in town already.

I just moved to SM and wish there was a coffee shop open late -- but is anything open late in SM?? ...

MonkeyAnvil 08-25-2003 11:38 AM

Late hours
Unfortunately not, coffee shops here in San Marcos have tried to serve the late crowd to no avail. Both of our locally owned coffee shops have tried various late schedules and found the response dissappointing. I still think if there was one open late, long enough to establish itself as a "Late night place", it would hang in there. As for now, guess nobody is wanting to keep rolling the dice.

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