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Pandora06 04-20-2011 03:17 PM

20% off at Old Navy
Today only get 20% off Women and Women?s Plus merchandise.

Use the coupon code ONWOMEN20

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blucher 04-20-2011 03:56 PM

Once upon a time I kept a rather expensive stylish wardrobe. I thought nothing of dropping $40 0r $50 on a shirt in 1970.

A friend asked for a moment to stop in a thrift store and I went in expecting to look down my nose at "used clothing". :fish:

He purchased a seemingly brand new never worn shirt the twin of which I'd paid $37 for two weeks earlier. His price was $1.75. I began to research these shops I'd ignored in the past.
I discovered that a tailor would custom fit a used Armani suit for $45. I had money at that time but there seems little sense in over paying for anyting.

A true businessman took over the Oregon Goodwills some years back and revamped them 100%. Now Goodwills anchor shopping centers here. The stores are not unlike a Walmart or Pennys. Workers are given instruction in brand pricing but several big names are not covered. Mislabeled Orvis, Pendleton and other brands are really seconds donated to Goodwill for a tax break. A shirt with a medium tag may really be a 2XL. Just some common sense can save a bundle.

The Oregon guy see's Old Navy as very desirable so there are few bargains under that brand but LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Woolrich. Chaps and Structure abound.

The guys in this forum get dirty for fun so they need tough clothes that can handle grease and dirt. I like overalls for painting and get mine cheap. Tough cold weather gear is often available and living in Oregon means Gore-Tex and Thinsulate are also available.

(Coleman gas lanterns too)

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