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Musicinabottle 05-03-2011 09:07 PM

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Blucher, we're darn near neighbors!

blucher 05-04-2011 10:35 AM

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Just you me & all our critters Music. We should sell fake passports to all the boat people filtering in through Glacier's forests.....:congrats:

GeoBigJon 05-05-2011 04:38 PM

I'm ready to to get back in my kayak, love to go fish in the rivers. One of my ranches is on the San Saba, with some nice big bodies of water, well big for us, and fishing is good.

blucher 05-05-2011 05:44 PM

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I had an aluminum Smokercraft canoe and put a small electric motor on her. That made getting around while fishing easy but I fount it hard to hoist 85 lbs. atop my van after 10 hours fishing. It was too big anyway so I bought an ultralight Grumman.

Loved that canoe, light as a feather. I'm thinking another or a kayak on my wish list. I just don't know enough about the types of rivers in Oregon yet.

Back then I'd looked at Radisson canoes but worried they were too light. With experience I think light can be fine with care launching & docking. One fella builds skin on frame (SOF) canoes that way.
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I began to dream of a way to make a very lightweight canoe for the next trip to the Boundary Waters. Kevlar canoes are available for $2000 to $3000 that weight 30-40 pounds. My Grumman Canoe from the 60s weighs 67 pounds, though it is considered a lightweight!

Reading the book on strip built canoes finds me looking at canoes in the 60 pound category.

Morris, on the other hand, describes his Canadian Canoe as about 30 pounds. This SOF canoe is detailed in his Skin on Frame Boats book, from which I have already built the Greenland kayak.
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The craft is tested using Saranwrap, next the skin is added. There's a Seniors Center near me with a full woodshop and the staff person specializes in kayaks made on site. Seniors make me nervous though.

While I like and am familiar with canoes Oregon is heavily kayak country so a used kayak is a better bet price wise.

blucher 05-05-2011 06:04 PM

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If it can?t float, is it still a canoe?
November 8, 2008 | Gary Michael Dault
?The centrepiece of Jed Lind?s exhibition, Fluid Geographies, is the Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based artist?s A Canoe is a Canoe is a Canoe. This impressive work, with its Gertrude Stein-ish (?a rose is a rose is a rose?) title, is a 67-metre aluminum canoe that lies, armature-like, through the gallery space at Toronto?s Jessica Bradley Art + Projects.?
?If you look closely at what appear to be the vagaries of Lind?s cutting process, you begin to see more than a graceful decimation of the craft?s structural integrity. The cutting-away has generated a pattern. And the pattern is highly reminiscent of that found in chain-link fencing.?
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GeoBigJon 05-05-2011 06:19 PM

This is the kayak I have, Ocean Prowler 13 Fishing, was a fathers day gift. I have some ultra light rod and reels that I store in it. I upgraded the seat and paddle but the boat looks the same. I am limited to warmer conditions at this point because I get wet when on the sit on boat. I plan on getting a nice sit in this summer so I can paddle in the cooler temps.

GeoBigJon 05-05-2011 06:26 PM

On another note, I plan on building a trailer to carry up to 4 boats. The trailer will be a swiss army knife for using on the ranch, gonna build it to carry a Cub Cadet Mule, Cub Cadet walk behind mower, John Deer riding mower, weed eaters and blowers. Of course not all at once, but in Yard combinations, Boating/Camping, or travel. It's gonna be fun, I am gonna try and get it to match my Jeep.

blucher 05-05-2011 08:25 PM

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The trailer will be a swiss army knife for using on the ranch, gonna build it to carry a Cub Cadet Mule, Cub Cadet walk behind mower, John Deer riding mower, weed eaters and blowers. Of course not all at once, but in Yard combinations, Boating/Camping, or travel. It's gonna be fun, I am gonna try and get it to match my Jeep.
Great idea! I like multiuse. I probably own 10 Swiss Army knives but I lack the toys you have so travel consists of a fishing vest full of knives and a Fenwick.

A few of the attached photos may serve as idea fodder. I thought jeeps were preferred muddy over "matched". :fish:

This design looks useful:
Utility Trailers - Flatbed Trailers - 1693 Flatbed Trailer (slow site)
The Model 1693 is an open utility trailer with 8 to 10 stake pockets, a standard 6’6” width and a selection of 10’, 12’ or 14’ lengths. An optional bi-fold rear ramp lowers wind resistance, rubber torsion axles provide a long-lasting ride and the optional air dam further protects cargo.
Hitch Type Bumper pull
Enclosed or Open Open
Length 10', 12' or 14'
Width 6' 6"
Inside Height NA
Tire/Rim 13" 5-hole silver modular wheels with 185/80R13 Load Range C radial tires
Axles 2200# rubber torsion axle (14' = qty. 2)
Floor Extruded aluminum floor
Rear Door NA
Side Door NA
Ramp 44" x 75"; Side ramp optional
Warranty 8-year limited structural warranty; Transferable warranty* available on qualified trailers


Featherlite all aluminum toy haulers will help you enjoy a good time no matter your choice of toy – ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, dune buggies, recreational jeeps and more! To extend your adventure in the outdoors, Featherlite toy haulers are available with customized living quarters. Many Featherlite/Sierra Custom Interiors options and floor plans are available to personalize Featherlite’s aluminum trailers to fit your hauling and living preferences. There are many features available for our toy haulers and Featherlite and your local dealer can deliver the perfect trailer for you!

Options for living area of toy haulers:
Full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, sink and stove
Sofas and beds including bunk beds and pull-down queen bed
Dinette or other leather seating
Cabinets for kitchen and general storage with various wood choices
LCD TVs, satellite dish, XM satellite radio and other entertainment systems
Solid garage wall (separates garage area from living space)
Solar recharge panel
Viewing platform
Many more (the list is virtually endless)!
Options for the garage of toy haulers:
Pull down screen at rear opening of toy hauler
Numerous door and window configurations
Tie down tracks and rings
Internal L.E.D. strip lighting
Electric or hydraulic landing gear
Aluminum wheels
Exterior color choices and graphics
Exterior lighting
And more!

GeoBigJon 05-05-2011 08:41 PM


I thought jeeps were preferred muddy over "matched".
I hate mud, we are so dry we only see it a couple times a year anyway. We are rock crawlers out here. :cheers2:

blucher 05-05-2011 08:55 PM

Rock crawlers huh? Did you grow up in the area?

It's just so opposite of my experiences. Moving from MN meant losing a lot of lakes that peppered the landscape. I discovered the creeks of PA. I trapped minnows in those creeks 365 days a year to feed my predator fish.

I think it's the breed but your longhorns have that bony look that makes them look anorexic and I often wonder what they eat. I do not understand desert, high desert or even arid & empty.

Mud is fun Jon. He died a few years back but the guy who was in charge of the Cray OS ran a website called "Muddy Fun" till he died. Pretty tame muddy girl site but some like mud more than others. The Super Computer used an Apple OS with a few tweaks.

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