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GeoBigJon 05-06-2011 05:56 AM


Rock crawlers huh? Did you grow up in the area?
Yes I did, born and raised in Sonora TX. I moved around a little as a kid to Alpine and Hondo TX, but ended up back in Sonora.


I think it's the breed but your longhorns have that bony look that makes them look anorexic and I often wonder what they eat. I do not understand desert, high desert or even arid & empty.
The longhorn is a hearty breed, they can live in this rough climate. We had a longhorn that was saddle broke and we could ride him around the yard, hug horns, was pretty cool. The thing to remember about the desert is almost everything pokes, pricks, stabs, scrapes, stings, bites, and sometimes grabs ya.


Mud is fun Jon. He died a few years back but the guy who was in charge of the Cray OS ran a website called "Muddy Fun" till he died. Pretty tame muddy girl site but some like mud more than others. The Super Computer used an Apple OS with a few tweaks.
Mud to me means work, a pain in my tail to clean up and it destroys seals in the drive train. I like to look a others mudding or ladies covered in mud, but I will stand on the sidelines myself. LOL

blueeyes8822 09-01-2013 05:20 AM


Originally Posted by blucher

Nice for you, too dry & dead for me. I'm used to Minnesota forests, Penn's Woods and green living stuff. I really only detoured to visit Yellowstone because NDAK & W. Montana were depressing me.

Ya'll take good care of those beautiful cacti. :congrats:

... East Texas is very green which is where I grew up ... But then moved to not a damn tree for miles West Texas.....the only neat thing about west tx that east tx doesn't have are the windmills lol...

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