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opheucus 06-13-2011 09:22 AM

What if?
$1 trillion dollars.
Man, wrap your mind around that for a minute.
A trillion dollars is a heck of alot of dinero.
We have gone WAYYY beyond that figure now.
Now, there were a lot of wheels in motion that brought us to our knees, but the act of taking us to war against a country that posed no threat to us, and against a group that could not be found, has really come back to bite us HARD.
We have spent over a trillion dollars on this "war" so far, and what has it gotten US?
What, exactly, hath our folly wrought?
Do we have access to more oil?
Do we have cheaper oil?
Have our countrymen been put back to work building war equipment like in WWII?
Has our economy rebounded because of this war?

What could we have done instead with that trillion dollars?
What would our economy look like today had we spent that money on rebuilding our infrastructure, putting in mass transit trains across the country, making funds available to small business instead of corporations?
What could we have done with a trillion dollars spent HERE?

Who knows? We will NEVER know now. The money is GONE, never to return.
SOME people made multi-millions from the war though.
It did enrich a select few.

Today we have a groundswell of people calling for the return of the very same people who enriched themselves at OUR expense.


Musicinabottle 06-13-2011 12:22 PM

To me, the biggest obvious tradgedy to that trillion dollar war is the loss of human life. And for what? That trillion dollars could have rebuild so many bridges and roadways, built new schools, created jobs and provided people access to health coverage and on and on. I really think that eventually folks will finally get sick of the current situation and revolt as they have done in other countries. The real problem in my mind is that each generation looses touch with the way things used to be and these days especially, people are inundated with meaningless ignorant things that occupy our lives and energies. It's hard to imagine the youth of today uprising like those kids did in the 1960s for a truly focused noble cause. In the 1960s the revolt was about important things like Civil Rights or an illegal war. These days, kids revolt for the right to drink on campus. Not the same game at all and is testiment to the mentality of these upcoming generations as a whole.

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