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metaltim 06-27-2011 08:10 AM

Attn: Home Brewers
The owner of Rockwells Tavern (out on 290/Telge) talked to me yesterday and expressed interest in having a Home Brew Club type get together. Purpose would be just to be bring some of your brews and have other home brewers try, critique, and discuss them. It would be like a HBC meeting, but without any specific club attached to it. A handful of people that frequent there are home brewers and the owner is one as well.
This would happen during business hours, so the public would be there as well and anyone interested could be trying your beer, so you'd get opinions of not just home brewers but beer people in general.

She asked if I could spread word around and see if there seems to be a decent interest in something like this.

Knowing the location and likely on a weekday, post here if this would be something you'd seriously consider.

KPatton 06-28-2011 04:53 AM

The best way to organize this is to open a group on Facebook. That way the dates and times would be easy to disseminate. Just about every club in the metroplex, the Bay Area Mashtronauts, Foam Rangers, Cane Island Alers and others are on Facebook. Even though this won't be a formal club, you could call it the Rockwell Beer Tasters or something like that, you could get the word out very quickly about meetups and attract a lot of people. This past weekend, the Alamo Drafthouse on Mason had a homebrew competition. The competition was pretty lame as far as the judging went, but the meet and greet was really nice. I shared two growlers, and 10 22oz bottles of brew with the attendees. I say the judging was lame because the WAIT STAFF did the judging to determine the finalist in each category. Most of them were one or two notches above Bud and Miller. A repackaged entry of Zima probably would have done great. I tasted most of the entries over and above the finalists and I can say unequivocably the the best beers were not in the final six which were winners of each category. So sure, I'd be willing to share my beer with people who know beer rather than a bunch of blue and pink haired metal faces.

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