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MantaRay 07-25-2011 10:14 PM

Member only Health and Wellness Clinic and Surgical Club
Would people be interested in a health and wellness clinic that will be a member only club that will feature on-call physicians and surgeons, that will guarantee next day appointments, and house calls with a primary care physician, and one-week surgical consults/surgery guarantee in the fields of orthopedics, general surgery, and ophthalmology, and a post-operative surgical spa. This clinic will also feature a gym, pool, and physical rehabilitation facilities that will only be available to members. The membership will come at an annual fee of $2000 per adult and $200 per child, for both surgical and primary care programs, and $1800/adult and 180/child for primary care only. The focus of this will to be provide excellent and readily available primary care and preventative medicine, no lines for surgery that many have to wait too long for, and fitness facilities to maintain great health. The clinic would accept all forms of insurance including Medicare, but we suggest that non-Medicare recipient members only purchase a high-deductible plan to "disaster situations and aide in the event that surgery is necessary.
Is this an idea that people would be interested in if built in their area? Any replies, comments, and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

A Few more benefits of this for those interested:
Every member would have the cell phone number of one of our primary care physicians for access 24hrs a day including house calls. The facilities would be open 24hrs a day, with a physician on staff at all hours. The idea is for personalized medicine. For example, if a patient is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus, the patient plan would be not only to be counseled with the physician but to be set up with a personal trainer at the fitness center (as proper exercise and weight loss has been shown as the only cure for Type II DM). These benefits would be at no extra charge (aka NOT BILLED), NO CHARGE from the PATIENT FOR OFFICE VISITS, with no limit to the number of visits, and yearly general health profile lab work-ups.

The added benefit from this membership is that patients would not have to wait months to get in for surgeries, and will not have to wait even days for primary care visits. In addition after a surgery patients will be staying in a post-operative surgical spa as opposed to a disease ridden hospital where patients often contract pneumonia post-operatively, and a hospital will bill for that night(s) spent in the hospital, which in this case will be included in the annual fee.

People often pay $6,000-10,000/year for Golf Memberships at Country Clubs. It is modest price for quality care, and a gym/pool membership. The patient to physician ratio would never exceed 1000:1, where the average in the nation currently is 2500:1, and is soon to increase since there is not an rapid increase in physicians and a 40 million patient increase under Obamacare.

This is an ever evolving idea, still in the preliminary stages and any and all input is much appreciated, we would like to reach out to as many people as possible.

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