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pelenaka 07-27-2011 03:29 PM

Overnight Lodging Near NYS Fair
Spent over an hour researching hotels, motels, camp grounds, and even the hostel looking for affordable overnight accommodation. By affordable I mean dirt cheap so to speak as I'm unemployed. Don't need a pool or laundry services just a clean cot, head, shower would be good.

One campground looked promising but then I got to thinking that if we left our utility trailer @ our campsite as well as semi set up camp, first thing in the morning then headed out too the fair, how secure would our gear be ? We could chain the trailer. It's very small (our Aveo pulls it) to the picnic table but everything on it would be fair game if we were gone all day & evening.
Even paired down overnight camping would mean more gear than we can keep in the locked in the car.

Hostel looks promising if we can get a "family room". I've never stayed in one but it looks as if there's everything we need.
I called the one on Oak st. & left a message. There's no room rates on the website so I can't compare.
The main Hostel International website directs you to contact a hostel on membership not even a ruff estimate on that either.

Last time we (children & I) went to the Fair we tagged along with my parents who RV. Dad parked it in the lot @ the fair for the night.
It was stressful to say the least in their RV - if they could have plastic slip covers on everything the would.
Neither here nor there because we won't be having an RV anyways.
I just hate it that the fair won't accommodate tents. Not asking for a fire pit or even a picnic table just a spot to pitch a tent next to my car.

Appreciate any tips you Syracuse natives can give.

~~ pelenaka ~~

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