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addymiller 10-12-2011 02:28 AM

whatever--it is home to me.

best 'hood---NE ATL---Toco Hill. not Toco Hills--we agonize over this. so stupid--so stupid. what does Toco mean--many are obsessed with this--absolutely obsessed. that is how we live

obsessively and compulsively--we are overeducated and cannot help ourselves. we need some help--we really do.sigh--god was too good to us---put Emory University 5 minutes away.

there is a good chance I will die from all this goodness--if i could have i would have said--'Thanks, but that is more than i need'

simple minded as Forrest Gump. lol---run, Forrest, run--that is what i tell myself. lol-really i just walk---never did care for running---just not my thing.

i also dance---something like Beyonce---it is fun. lol.

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