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skippercollector 06-15-2012 10:38 AM

What were the most useful and useless classes you've taken?
What were the most useful and the most useless classes you've taken? They can be from grade school, high school or college.
For me, with my reading and writing background in school and my years in journalism and public relations, the literature, grammar, writing and even typing classes were all important. So were history and geography and various cultural classes, plus the one class I did better in than anything else in my life, which was etymology.
The one class that I used much later was, of all things, algebra II. I've always been a slightly less-than-mediocre math student, but I enjoyed algebra, and I think it was because it was as much words as calculations. In the 1990s, when the newspaper where I worked installed Quark (a page layout program) on its computers, I immediately noticed the X and Y coordinates going across the screen as I laid out articles.
As for useless, they were geometry and gym. I dreaded them. I have never used geometry (plane and the theorems). I have always been a very poor athlete, largely because of my clumsiness, my bad ankles, no upper torso strength and my poor eyesight. The only sports I was introduced to in grade school and high school were those involving running and chasing after a ball (softball, baseball, kickball, soccer, field hockey), gymnastics and running. As an adult I have taken classes in swimming, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and even belly dancing, none of which requires perfect eyesight. And yoga, Pilates and tai chi slowly help you improve your strength in your shoulders and ankles.

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