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havasu 08-03-2012 11:30 AM

More free crap for our needy! (yeah, right!)
This is an eye opener! Remember, you have the ability to correct this by voting!

Cutlass327 08-07-2012 01:09 PM

Atrocious.. More "welfare"...

There should be a definite ID check "Nope, you've got one already"..., even then - no reason it should be a fancy smart phone. You get a plain plastic phone, like the original Trac Phones were. Not even a flip phone. If you cannot afford to pay for the phone, why do you need internet? I know many who can afford internet but just refuse to get it.

And like the #1 comment after the video - "...No one should be handed a phone. You want a cell phone...GET A JOB."

The argument for it to be so that everyone has access to 911? Leave a few payphones around town, or even just a simple call box - you pick up the phone, you are connected to 911 (maybe have a small camera to ID the person who picked up the phone to prevent pranks?). Call boxes would prevent the "Misuse" of a pay phone by drug dealers, prostitutes, etc like I have heard was the issue with them in big cities...

rainbow 08-07-2012 09:57 PM

As usual, Fox news doesn't give you the whole story. Here's the real story

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