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VaporLung 11-27-2012 07:41 PM

Mixed Martial Arts Events In VA
Of course we all like to flock to our favorite watering hole, or good buddies house with a handful of friends, or even see the value in paying $50 to be able to watch events (alone or with friends) like the UFC and Strikeforce.

Heck, you turn on Fox Sports now and the ever popular reality show 'The Ultimate Fighter' is on every Friday. Spike is picking up Bellator Fighting Championships (currently hosted online and on MTV2), the UFC has just signed some of the first females to their roster. - Bottom line MMA is still growing at very fast pace.

That said, are you aware of LOCAL (Amateur) MMA events in your area? Being able to witness the action firsthand (with your same said buddies) is a much different experience than seeing it on TV. Currently, Virginia has had (and still has) a plethora of local MMA (and chances are something in YOUR neck of the woods)

Here are a few links to finding out more information in your area: - This is one of the sanctioning bodies of amateur MMA events in VA. They tend to post upcoming events on their site as well as the results of past events. - EFC has been in business for years promoting both professional and amateur MMA in VA. - A HUGE supporter of the Military (owner/promoter is active duty military) They also promote a clothing line as well as 5K events.

(Modern Gladiators) - One of the oldest and longest running amateur MMA organizations (in the Hampton Roads area) - Originally known as 'King of the Ring' for close to a decade, MGFC moved to the more traditional 'Cage' for their events. Unfortunately, it appears that their website is currently down.

Another cool thing about the amateur circuit, is the fact that they tend to have a little more 'leeway' when it comes to your entertainment value. Translation: It is not uncommon to have scheduled Muai Thai or Submission Grappling bouts on the card(s).

MMA is Virginia is gaining more and more traction and rising in popularity. Already the UFC has brought at least 2 events to VA. Other (smaller) professional orgs like M-1 Global, and CFFC (Cage Fury Fighting Championships) have made landfall in VA. Heck, with Bellator being right next door in NJ, and more and more events being held in Dover DE, its a wonder why the MMA market here is becoming more and more popular.

Do YOU know of any MMA promotions that routinely promote shows in YOUR area?

mrmurdoc34 11-28-2012 12:43 PM

Haven't been to a match yet but a buddy of mine goes to these and loves them.

VaporLung 11-28-2012 02:17 PM

They look to have produced quite a few shows. Id be interested to possibly head up there and check one out sometime in the future!

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