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TonyH 12-11-2013 11:52 AM

Throwing money in the street. Snow
Here we go again. winter is here and so is the waste of the town workers.
I do understand that there was a fear of Black Ice with teh snow/rain scenario the other day but I don ot understand why they have to also Salt the terrtiary roads. Clear the main ones, fine. But when I live deep in a development of all cul-de-sacs, Why did they have to throw salt down on my dry street 3 times in 12 hours??
The money that could be saved is substantial if these clowns would use some common sense instead of having some general rules and Unions pulling the Puppet strings. No need for any sanding in my neighborhood EVER. No need to plow when there is less than 4" of snow and temps are supposed to be above freezing when the sun comes up and for the next few days.
The Environmental folks worry about all kinds of small crap but it's OK to throw these chemicals in the street by the Ton. I guess it's job security for fixing the roads during teh warmer months

havasu 12-11-2013 01:07 PM

Just to play the devil's advocate, could you imagine how much money would be spend by your local city/county is they were to omit throwing salt on these smaller roads, and some lawyer found out they were doing this as a way to save money, and some crazy kid lost control and killed or injured someone?

TonyH 12-12-2013 02:50 PM

The rules of the raod state that if you drive , you must drive within the limits of road conditions. DONE no lawyer should have a case against the Town or State.
It is too bad we live in an area of irresponsible people that feel that nothing is their fault so Law Suits are threw the roof. It all boils down to Responsibilty. Does anyone use Snow tires anymore?? I do, why is it nobody seems to think they are necesayy? Weight in the center of the car? I do, improves traction. If any driver slides off teh road and he didn't spend a dfew minutes clearing his windows and he doesn't have snows on and he was travelling too fast. It's not the Towns fault.
I know you are playing Devils Advocate but simply, people need to be responsible, accountable and need to face the consequenses for THEIR actions, not point the finger away from themselves. Law Suit frame of mind needs to stop

havasu 12-12-2013 04:21 PM

Have you heard that our Fast and the Furious Paul Walker's family is now blaming the "Bot's Dots" for causing the car to hydroplane when he was traveling at what...100 miles an hour? Next, his attorney's will be suing God for the air that caused his car to hydroplane. Yeah, his loss is sad, but again, these idiot attorneys are going after bucks.

samfloor 12-12-2013 08:54 PM

Many years ago, I was an expert witness after a car crash. I examined the remains of the car and testified that the tie rod end they claimed caused the crash was still intact afterward. The defendant, a car shop, also produced a witness who was drag racing the car that crashed at close to 150 mph down the interstate at the time of the crash. Of course the plaintiff lost. Some attorneys will try anything.

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