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skippercollector 12-24-2013 09:53 PM

mild hallucinations after surgery
I've had operations before, and have been warned about seeing hallucinations the first day or two after surgery, but the procedure I had this month was the first time I experienced them. Don't worry, they weren't bad!
After I came from from three days in the hospital, for the next 24 hours I saw balloons. Not pastel birthday party-type balloons, but rather the thought balloons you see in comic strips. As soon as I focused on one, it dissipated. I saw ghosts out of the corners of my eyes but when I looked in their direction they were gone. The most bizarre was the cotton shower curtain. It was white but had a checked print to it. The curtain was draped; I mean the panels hung like columns. The columns kept spinning but fortunately I wasn't dizzy.
I saw these oddities for only the first day home. It was probably a result of some anesthesia still in my system plus the narcotics painkillers.
I haven't seen anything since then. I am very glad they weren't scary hallucinations like evil ugly zombies coming toward me!
Have any of you experienced mild hallucinations following an illness or surgery?

havasu 12-25-2013 07:59 AM

Interesting you mention this. I was just telling some friends about the wild hallucinations after I returned home from my knee replacement surgery. I was having conversations with the closet, and about every 20 minutes throughout the night, I heard the front doorbell ringing. I spoke to the doctors about this and they said it was probably the combination of the anesthesia, the Oxycontin, and the hydrocodone (Norco) cocktails.

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