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BlueRusty 10-05-2010 11:17 AM

Philadelphia Art Museum, Liberty Bell, Check out any Philly sports game while your here, and definitely pick up a cheese steak.

XJelvis 10-05-2010 11:36 AM

Check out Gettysburg. Very historic sights to see, just ask Wikipedia.

bert01xj 10-05-2010 10:07 PM

this should cover most of it!

ezman 10-06-2010 07:47 AM

i'll give you a few... not as many hippies... beautiful country scenary... pittsburgh and philly... lots of history... oh and almost any sport you want to watch from football to lawn tractor pulls to rock crawling...

krutj 10-06-2010 11:45 AM

bert01xj That was a very cool/funny video......LMAO

jth0033 10-06-2010 01:58 PM

Philadelphia is a wonderful place filled with history. I attend Shippensburg University and Gettysburg is another great town to visit. This state is filled with history and is the foundation for the creation of what we have today.

SleazyRida 10-06-2010 05:50 PM

I'd give a good reason, but, I moved out of state. Guess there's no reason to visit now.


bert01xj 10-06-2010 07:06 PM

just shows we are not above laughing at are selfs.oh yeah we also treat each other different then most states like calling are best friend a hole and not being mad at each other just playing around or dumb___ and other things that people not from pa might think is mean.

Jmarch68 10-06-2010 07:48 PM

The beach is cool, and the national forest rocks! Lots of wildlife to see!

92XJCowboy 10-07-2010 03:06 AM

In Pa if you break down on the side of the road and dont have what you need to fix it you only need to wait a few mins until someone stops to help. Dont take advantage of the locals though because most carry a gun or multiple knives.

If you like food ask the locals (politely) where their favorite diner is and what the specialty is. Back home (Macungie Pa Lehigh County) there are more diners within a 15 mile radius than there are in most counties of other states. Each has a specialty and you will be hard pressed to find anything better. Most common are Pirogies, Rubens, and Apple dumplings.

If you want good 4 wheeling there is Rausch Creek, Rock Run, and soon to come is the Northumberland County OHV park. You can also ask the locals to show you the trails.

I think there are more miles of creeks in this state than most if not all. There is good fishing in all of them. There are also some great farm pond gems hidden all over if you like bass.

Of course you cant forget about beer. Yuengling is my personal favorite beer as well as many others in the state. It is Americas oldest brewery at 181 years old. Most people from out of state either beg me to show them to the nearest beer distributor or have never heard of it.

As far as driving, once your out of the city you are going to love the view and hate the roads themselves. PennDot is always working on roads (no where near as bad as Jersey) but they only seem to make them worse. They redid a railroad crossing back home and now if you hit it over 40 mph you launch your car into the air.

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