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skippercollector 11-07-2015 08:52 AM

wild clouds
If it hadn't been for what I called the "half tornado" I saw on Thursday (Nov. 5, 2015), I probably wouldn't have noticed these other articles about funky clouds spotted around the world.
I saw this about 10:30 a.m. on US 50 heading into Indiana from Cincinnati. It was a bizarre hanging cloud (truthfully, it looked kinda phallic!) going into Lawrenceburg.

The wave clouds in Colorado are something I would have loved to see.

I would have totally freaked out if I saw this coming. These photos are from Sydney, New South Wales.
I saw a roll cloud in northern Kentucky a few years ago. It was the first time I'd ever seen one and yes, I did freak out!

skippercollector 11-10-2015 10:08 AM

cape town south africa
Clouds seem to be in the news a lot lately. I assume all these funky clouds probably everywhere all the time, it's just that they're a "thing" this month.
This photo is from Cape Town, South Africa.

samfloor 11-10-2015 02:58 PM

Some people are claiming that they are UFOs. They do look different. I have never seen any similar clouds.

skippercollector 07-23-2016 05:26 PM

poodle puppy cloud
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I saw this today in Cincinnati. It looks like a poodle puppy.
The building at the bottom is the roof of Sayler Park School.

theviewabudhabi 11-08-2016 05:05 AM

What was the aftermath? Just passed through?

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