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sheila_the_xj 09-25-2010 03:21 PM

Mexican food
Obviously Texas is on the Mexican border, so we're pretty lucky to have amzing Mexican food to enjoy, wheres your favorite?

balloo93 09-26-2010 06:23 PM

Depends on what I want.

For some gut busting comfort food, nothing beats a small little mexican greasy spoon. Refrieds with bacon grease in them and fatty steak with some cheese and avacado!

I try to stay away from that and actually only really frequent Chuy's. Been eating there sinse i moved back for good in 91. They may boarder on being a chain, but the food is consistantly good.

For some down and dirty burrito goodness, there's really only one place...Freebirds!

Pastor 10-02-2010 08:43 AM

I'm fond of Papasito's restaurant.

Rusticus 10-04-2010 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Pastor (Post 17272)
I'm fond of Papasito's restaurant.

going to Dallas this weekend to hit the State Fair and to eat at Papasito's.:D

JV77 10-04-2010 08:06 PM

Ben's Little Mexico in Odessa. Order the #7.

squib 10-07-2010 06:59 PM

Armentes in San Angelo.

Casa Cabana in Winters.

Fisherman's Headquarters in Del Rio.

Herbert's Taco Hut in San Marcos.

El Pariso in Zapata.

Melissa in Texas 10-07-2010 07:27 PM

IN Austin...
Taqueria Arandinas. Oh my stars, the food is killer!
They have some great nopalitos and the Taqueria Especiale is just flat out eviol with green peppers, onion, steak, bacon smothered in cheese!
Dang it... now I am hungry!

auggie 10-08-2010 10:19 AM

Larrys original mexican food in rosenberg is awsome

Keith 10-08-2010 10:29 AM

Each town has their best but for a more statewide brand Los Cucos is pretty good.

RedRaider 10-14-2010 08:02 PM

The best queso I've ever had is made by the folks at Mi Taco Village. Back in the 80s and early 90s, the Mejia family ran Taco Village. It was at 3rd st and ave R...kinda in the ghetto. It was a great place to go eat and hang out. BYOB and the best mexican food in town. They closed down for a long time and it was getting to the point that I was wondering if that queso had been a figment of my imagination. Well, one or two members of the family have now opened Mi Taco Village and the queso is exactly like it used to be. They make a mean chile rellano, too.

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