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mendriel 10-05-2010 10:19 AM

Best place for wheeling?
What's your favorite place within a 5 hour drive? 10 hour?

Within 5: Crozet
Within 10: Either Rausch Creek or Tellico

JonjoN 10-06-2010 07:08 PM

shoe creek for the weekend camping trips, gwnf on sundays after the saturday hunt

treycefus 10-08-2010 06:47 AM

In Gloucester we have LOTS of woods for mudding, but no rocks to climb !

GrouchyTim 10-13-2010 05:53 AM

Private land in Orange VA. Lots of woods and rocks to play on. Check out DARK SIDE OFFROAD IN HAMPTON ROADS VIRGINIA for some good info on local wheeling too.

DJEEPER 10-13-2010 02:02 PM

Crozet, Shoe Creek, Oak Ridge (Annual runs and Camp jeep, if they ever do that again) and some private land areas around here

tonysailor 10-13-2010 08:10 PM

You know with the price of farms up near Soulda and Ark some one should one buy and create a 4 wheel rock climbing, mud digging and other areas to practice 4 wheeling.

I know alot of people who would pay $100 to practice rock climbing. It wouldn't be cheap to build but it would be fun as hell


Butterbuddha1 10-16-2010 11:32 PM

I wish there were places on the east side of the state! Seems like all the public land is all in the GWNF. Not a bad thing except 4-5 hours from my house, and I think we are all familiar with stellar Jeep mpg ;)

VADSLRAM 10-29-2010 12:38 PM

Oak Ridge:D
I posted some pics of the last time I was there.

rubijeep33 12-20-2010 08:56 AM

there are a few nice spots in wv near brandywine WV around 5 hours from hampton roads i ve found that were decent as well.

liquid_center 12-21-2010 09:17 AM

Crozet, Shoe Creek, Oak Ridge, Sherando{sp}

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