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bydesign 10-05-2010 02:24 PM

Black Labs
Ok... any other large dog owners tired of all of these rats on strings?

CKjeep 10-05-2010 03:26 PM

i have a Golden ret. and i can't stand those rats. You better off owning a damn cat

lymanb 10-05-2010 03:39 PM

I have two chocolate labs but I think the little one are OK but not in my house. Years back I had a little mix breed and a 120 pound dobie [black & tan male] and watched a lot of people spin in the door way as the little one barked and the big one said nothing.
later, lyman
"All roads lead to roam"

jetmedix 10-07-2010 08:52 PM

Had a chocolate lab a few years ago, greatest dog I ever owned. Great with the kids and smarter than most adults! Sadly he passed on, I now own an American Bulldog, also very smart dog and great with the family.

flymarlin 12-08-2010 04:04 PM

One Yellow and One Fox Red lab, love the labs, also have a wiener dog, hate that one (wife's), ughhhhh

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