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02-09-2005 12:35 PM

skate park
so i here we are gettin a skate park. is it gonna be open to bikes and blades also? it would be a shame to take such a big step for our city and then exclude a big part. let me know!

A2 02-10-2005 01:46 PM

You heard correctly.

And as of right now, there will be NO BIKES allowed.

There's going to be a meeting tonight at the Parks and Recs Building. ( Catty Corner from Mr. Gatti's) AT 6 PM

if you can't make it to the meeting atleast check out

Bikes are not covered under the city's liability policy.

Not only that, So far only skaters have thrown down as far as getting this project uderway ( with the exception of Colin with Diry South BMX, he actually built the sposm site for us, but he has enough problems with the crappy skatepark in his hometown of New Braunfels and hasn't been around much.)
Our park is going to be Concrete. And it is a well known fact that concrete and bikes don't mix.

We throwing a huge skate jam on Feb. 26, at the same place they do sites and sounds of X-mas. FOOD DEMOS MUSIC BEST TRICK COMPETION FREEBIES

and then that night at the Triple Crown we having a bad ass punk rock show.
Faster Disaster
Mala Vista
Ugly Beats
Amplified Heat

02-10-2005 03:59 PM

you still have to get bikes and blades involved. the city is just gonna keep going after these kids untill the have now where to do what they are great at. that is ridiculous to exclude people who would not only benefit but help in the lifestyle of doing what it is you do. why do you think they weren't there? they weren't invited, as a matter of fact they were told not to come unless they skated. now come on! i'm not dogging the process you've made because believe me its great. not only needed but long over due. so a thumbs up on your effort and perserverence on getting this going, but brothers and sisters martians you can't tell me that this is not possible and worth it in the long run. thank you and ride on!!!!!

A2 02-11-2005 01:37 PM

The only person I HAVE to get my self. I can't make people get involved, and I sure as hell wouldn't turn anyone away, matter of fact we NEED more people to come and help out with the FUNraiser and the design of the park.

These meetings are open to the public. Thier posted in the newpaper, on the College Radio, In the Scene Magazine, Flyers around town, and the internet.

No one was ever told NOT to come and no one will ever be told not to come to a meeting.

WE didn't exclude bikes from the park....the city did. ( btw the park is not built yet, and unless we get some more volunters the park they will build, will be teeny tiny.)

The ONLY reason I got involved with the skate park, is because in the begining they where going to get a prefab set of ramps and put them up on one of the basketball courts. I fought tooth and nail to get concrete. I went and met with parks and recs and went to meetings and called and emailed and wrote letters. NOW WE GOT CONCRETE

If your so bent out of shape and want to do something make some flyers for the expo and put them up around campus and around town. Or come to my house and get some t-shirts and take them around to your friends and try and sell them. Or write a grant request. Or go to HEB and ask them to donate some food, or go to Ready MIx and ask them to donate some concrete, or go have coffee with the mayor and tell her to throw down some city money, or find some bands to play at teh expo, or find some one with a PA system for the expo, or write a letter to the HAys County comisinors, or beg for change on the side of the road, or ask an outdoor sign company to donate thier billboard, or make a drawing of what you think the park should look like, or donate some of you paycheck to the park, or ask Texas Parks and wildlife to give us a grant, or ax the Toney Hawk Foundation, or call Rodney at Parks and Recs and tell him to let bikes in.


If it where up to me I would say let the bikes ride.
But I will say this....BIKES RUIN CONCRETE PARKS. Go look at the acne and cancer that is all over the tannies in the LBJ bowl in San Antonio. That park is not even a year old, bikes are not allowed, and yet their is PEG damage EVERYWHERE.

Thanks for the kinds words on my efforts I appreciate it. But man we need alot of help.

I've got t-shirts at my house
Stickers will be in next week
Posters should be ready by monday.

02-11-2005 04:10 PM

"The only person I HAVE to get my self." that's the wrong thinking and i think i may have struck the wrong nerve with you. for that i apologize. the only person who should get involved is:every****ing body. come on bro i'm on yourside trust me. i'm the choir. i just trying to get these people to see. also board, blades, bikes etc you include one you do it all. they are all the minority and elevating one should lead to elevating all. involved not involved whatever. like before my fellow martians let's get this done, boards now.. bikes and the rest later i guess but definately support this dude and his cause. i'm down with it, i guess i just am looking too far out. peace and ride on

A2 02-13-2005 08:57 AM

yeah man I apalogize...I didnt' mean to get to testy there.

02-15-2005 11:45 AM

everyone go to the benefit
donate some ___________
express ideas and get this done for OUR city

nope 02-15-2005 10:41 PM

"OUR" city? i didnt realize San Marcos was founded by skater punks. get a job you slackers!

02-16-2005 10:18 AM

fool i've got two jobs and i don't even skate! i'm just thinking about the kids. wake up!!

A2 02-16-2005 09:28 PM

that's the best compliment I've gotten all week.

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