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Pamulli 11-23-2010 09:44 AM

Young Augustine's
In my opinion, Young Augustine's is one of the top 3 beer bars in Atlanta and they have a really good burger. They have 30 beers on tap that rotate out frequently and if you go on Monday nights all of their beers are $2.50 for a half pint. For some beers that isn't a good deal, but when you normally pay $5.50 for a 10oz high gravity that is a good deal. They also sometimes have mystery casks which are $2.00 for a full pint.

shep99 12-07-2010 01:44 PM

I agree with the original post
Young Augustine's has some really good entrees. I would definitely recommend it for good pub food. The beer selection is not as huge as some places, but it has alot of really good stuff to choose from. The 'mystery' beers are good for those who are financially limited, but I think that it is actually just the beginnings or ends of the other kegs, they just don't want to serve an illegitimate pour to the people who are paying good money for a particular beverage.

amathews2 12-21-2010 08:44 PM

Great staff, good food, rotating beer selection. I have frequented this place often. They also have (or had) horseshoes and bocce ball out back.

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