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jburatti 04-09-2006 07:18 PM

ACC Petition Voter Fraud
I just found my name, address and signature on the ACC petition ILLEGALLY. I did NOT sign it, yet there it is. Of course, it looks nothing like my handwriting or signature and I'll be filing a voter fraud complaint tomorrow.

If this thing gets to a vote PLEASE vote against ACC. They are playing VERY DIRTY and San Marcos needs to give these idiots the boot. They just want our money.

Someone should go to jail for this.

You can look for your name on the petition on this site:

semi-native 04-10-2006 07:44 AM

I haven't found my name, but I am still looking. I did notice that the printed names and addresses on pages 15 and 16 appear to have been written by the same hand, but perhaps the person taking the petition around filled it out to be helpful.

jburatti 04-10-2006 11:42 AM

I signed an affidavit this morning with the Hays County Elections office. It's up to 30 counts of fraud now.

I also talked to a former city council member who said petitions NEVER look that neat and all done in one hand.

semi-native 04-10-2006 02:29 PM

Well, my name isn't on there. There were many that I knew, but they all said they signed it. I noticed some more pages that were clearly written entirely by the same person and even a few that had no signatures, just printed names in both boxes (again, all written by the same person).

Not sure if this is fraud or not. I guess that is why there are investigators. Thanks for bringing it up, anyway. It is nice to see some meaningful data to back up a claim for a change.

jburatti 04-10-2006 09:18 PM

As soon as someone forged my signature it was fraud. And now a co-worked has found his name and that of his grandfather (who is infirmed and cannot sign anything) on it.

While i do not support ACC in San Marcos I strongly believe in the right to petition our government. It's a fundamental right. Heck, I signed Kinky's petition over the weekend becuase i don't like my choices for Governor. That's what makes me so mad. Someone is stealing those rights and abusing the system. And while ACC may have had no direct involvement, by ignoring this they are condoning it. Shame on them.

jhav543 04-11-2006 01:05 AM

well i had alot of time on my hands and looked thru the pages and to my dissapointment i didnt find my name (dissapointment because you got me real fired up on the subject and ready to storm to city hall). upon looking at the document i find that either the city of san marcos has a very extensive lesson plan in their cursive curriculuum or i smell something fishy...i'd say take it to the papers. although this is a great outlet, more people would get the info if it were to hit the daily recorder...find me a writer who wouldnt cover fraud in government and i will buy you a coke.

Otis 04-11-2006 08:55 AM

Wrong place
The Daily Record has been covering the issue for about a week now. The City of San Marcos is not involved in this at all. It is being managed and coordinated by Austin Community College in Austin. The locals have no say in how this is going down at all.(except when it comes to votin time!)

jhodges 04-11-2006 12:29 PM

Im only on p.80 and I have found 4 people I know who "signed", and each one has an address listed that I know that person has not lived at for atleast several years.

jhodges 04-11-2006 12:32 PM

ok, i have found MY name and thats IS NOT my signature!

jhodges 04-11-2006 01:45 PM

also, im not sure how this is relevant, but the names, particularly the ones in the same hand, seem to be overwhelmingly male.

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