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Ibuer 11-30-2010 12:22 PM

Homebrewers in Spokane
hey all! I am wondering if there are a lot of homebrewers in Spokane? I have found some through the facebook based group IBU Spokane, but I imagine there are others out there? Are you a brewer? If so, what do you prefer to brew?

Thetimotin 12-03-2010 02:54 PM

I just started brewing a few weeks ago! Bottled my first batch of Irish Red last night actually. Up next a friend and myself are going to try to create a dark heff to become our Grover Cleveland Remembrance Day beer.

DrJerm 12-21-2010 02:47 PM

I've been happily home brewing for a year now. Started with apple ciders/wines with enthusiasm towards original recipe experiments.

A few so far are: Hard Apple Berry Tea, Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal Applewine a.k.a. "The Breakfast Brew", Pomegranate Raspberry Cyser, and Apple Pie A La Mode Applewine.

I'm also about to bottle my first beer, a Honey Oat IPA.

A huge thanks to everyone over at for their wealth of knowledge and helpfulness!

And cheers to the rest of yas who also enjoy this recreation!

tball34 12-23-2010 11:27 AM

I have been brewing about a year, my favorite to brew is IPA, but my next brew is going to be a dunkelweizen

WillyBlanks 12-28-2010 11:13 PM

Been brewing over 2 years now, love to do Scotch Ales and Stouts, recently finished a Black IPA. Have not really found any Homebrew clubs in the area and would love to find a local group.


Ibuer 12-29-2010 01:50 AM

Hey all: Check out IBU (Inland Brewers Unite!) Spokane on facebook. We're having a competition next week for the best black IPA (J.WIll you should enter!). The winning recipe will (hopefully!) be used to make a large batch on Steam Plant Grill's equipment.

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