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maclaxguy 12-02-2010 08:09 PM

Greatest Hikes in VA
What are some of the best hikes you've done in Virginia?

To get it started, I'd say McAfee Knob and Old Rag are some of our favorites.

CopperHillGroup 12-04-2010 09:50 AM

The Dragon's Tooth Hike is one of my favorites around Catawba.

After a good morning hike, you can pig out at the Homeplace Restaurant nearby for lunch.

eggraid101 12-07-2010 07:26 AM

Another in C'Ville area
Crabtree Falls in the Charlottesville area is one of my personal favorites, that is where my wife and I had our first date. :2thumbup:

misterVT 12-20-2010 05:04 PM

I hiked 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail and all of it through Virginia. Some of the better hiking is closer to the Southwest of VA. I believe the AT goes through Dragon's Tooth, which I enjoyed quite a bit. If you're looking for something closer to NOVA, then Shenandoah National Park was nice, lots of wildlife very used to people. Saw a few bears. But too many people in my opinion, especially in the summer.

blazinbrush 12-20-2010 10:02 PM

I hiked the AT as well. I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestions so far. Some of my other favs were MT. Roger's area (Whitetop Mountain and Buzzard Rock), Tinker Cliffs, Spy Rock, and various sections of the Shenandoah National Park. Aside from the AT, I also generally like Big Levels and St. Mary's Wilderness. BB

gwbbc 12-28-2010 12:12 PM

Humpback Rock is a nice leasure hike that will not kill you.

teaberryeagle 12-30-2010 07:49 AM

I never knew there were this many "Hikes" until I perused these links........maybe you'll find one here that you haven't hiked also gives the complete description along with "Topo Maps" and photos.....:D

Best Hiking in Virginia | Best Hiking Virginia

SANDCRABB 01-04-2011 06:41 AM

Old Rag is the Best! I agree that there's too many people though. I always take a day off in the middle of the week to go.

Signal1hundred 01-25-2011 03:59 PM

+1 on Shenandoah National park trails, especially humpback rocks and bearfence mountain. Also crabtree falls is pretty neat, but can be crowded.

Wahoowa 02-12-2011 06:04 PM

Three Ridges Hike is great for backpacking and located right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Blue Hole is a nice hike for a few hours if you want to go for a swim and jump off the rope swing. Of course, save Blue Hole for spring, summer or fall.

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