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cheryl 02-09-2007 06:08 PM

Need Options
My parents are coming in for my birthday, taking me and my husband out for dinner. They don't like mexican, or asian foods. I've been to very few restaurants in San Marcos, so I need some help!

A2 02-12-2007 05:17 AM

If someone else is footin the bill... I always hit Texas Reds....Expensive steakhouse, but great and worth it. Get their early and have a drink by the fire in the bar, then order a fat ass steak with a quail on the side.


Here's Reds website....

smnative 02-19-2007 01:45 PM

When you have a chance, check out Grins, The Tap Room, Palmers, and The Hill Country Grill. The Tap Room gets kind of loud, but they have a good menu. The Root Cellar is pretty cool, too.

Beto 02-19-2007 11:42 PM

Although we do have our share of Mexican restaurants in town, there are plenty of other dining options. Texas Red's is definately a unique steakhouse (in an old cotton gin building) with a real historic local "feel." Palmers is an up-scale restaurant with a wide variety of good-eats and an amazing cocktail selection. For a younger crowd in a more relaxed atmosphere, I recommend Grins, a San Marcos staple. Grins is famous for its burgers and has an outdoor deck worth trying if the weather is good.
Have a happy birthday, and welcome to San Marcos.

smnative 02-19-2007 11:58 PM

Forgot to mention....
Cool Mint in town, tucked away near the Sanctuary Lofts near the Blue Goat Gourmet. Cozy place and sophisticated iceberg served there. :biggrin:

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