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AndrewJMorgan 06-27-2007 01:33 PM

Introduce myself? Where O` Where Shall I begin?
Hello 78666!

Hello visitors to 78666!

My name is Andrew J Morgan.

I just moved to San Marcos from The Woodlands area
Texas and am grateful to be here in this
beautiful landscape and among all these wonderful

I am a father of five and about to be step-father
to two more...
That is a total of 3 boys and 4 girls. My
Sweetheart's Name is Sheila J.

I am a 28 year student of the marketing, work
from home, internet marketing industries and also
a 28 year arborist. Former manager of the
original Austin Tree Service that was owned by
the late John Gurecky who passed in 1989. When he
passed, I moved to TheWoodlands and established
RovingArborist™ Tree Service and now pro-active
in serving 13 local counties from Travis County
eastward to Montgomery County. I now have
Internet marketing in place specific to my tree
service which provides me ALL my tree related

In addition, I am globally pro-active in the
teaching and coaching of proven marketing success
methods and systems. My work from home income has
far exceeded my hard labor income for many

I like helping others to achieve their goals and
dreams as well as helping others grow in
skill-sets and winning mind sets. For months on
end, I trained my hosting company's clients, each
Wed night, with the "WinningMindsetsConference"
and REALLY enjoyed doing that.

I was looking for a local San Marcos site where I
may be of service and believe I found it here at
78666! :-)

Keith, I have read some of your posts and know
how you must feel in owning this site with
limited time to "tweak" it into what is
versioned. Perhaps I can assist you some in the
form of moderation, systems, scripts,
tech-support, ideas etc.

For all the 78666 members, I have MUCH to offer
in terms of "business" related topics,
opportunities etc... But more important, I offer
you the rare internet opportunity of developing
relationships based on YOUR interests and needs
with honest open communication that is not sugar
coated. I am willing to establish a few close
internet chat relationships with no advice, but
rather simply sharing my own experiences,
strengths and hope.

I trust that my self-introduction will not be
viewed as "spam" that I may be allowed to simply
be "me", as "Success" is the truth of me, so
success is the truth of each of you and when you
chat with me, I will accept no less!

God blesses!

semi-native 06-28-2007 08:41 AM

I'm not sure if I'd call it spam or not. Spam can certainly be local.

The post seems to have some value, but then, some of the others have no value.

Pass the A-1? WTF?

Could have been better handled. I'd say you still register 80 on the 1 - 100 spam-o-meter and you appear to know it, based on your comments that you hope you are not seen as a spammer.

We'll see.

A2 06-30-2007 05:20 AM

I'm not sure how to handle this

I guess its the old jailhouse analogy, where, when you first get in, you find the biggest, ugliest, meanest, SOB you can find and punch him right in the face...

You semi....are that big ugly SOB. lol

kpasa 06-30-2007 10:17 AM

one thing san martians :) are not is snobby. Welcome to San Marcos Andrew

AndrewJMorgan 06-30-2007 01:26 PM

Now I feel welcome!
Thank you kpasa!

You are MUCH better looking than semi-native,
but that is not why I feel welcome now...

I feel welcome now because a real person has
finally responded with love.

kpasa 06-30-2007 03:21 PM

and tone down the pastor vibe
Wow no need to include a snipe at Semi-N. I agree with the spam rating but hey whatever.

AndrewJMorgan 06-30-2007 06:54 PM

Some hidden moderator is laughin BIG bout now!!! hahahaha
I DID post a BIG LONG rebuttal to semi...
However, the d-board script on THAT post
told me that my reply would be posted after
moderator review... hahahha

Thinking that I had tried to reply whilst not
being logged in... I tried it again (a bit shorter
version too because I failed to save the draft
of the first attempt).

hahahaha, I REALLY do have good ground on which
to stand, and do have good reason to point finger
at semi, but the trouble it had and would take to
stab it again is not worth it except to say that if
in fact my introduction is 80% "spam", (it's not because
spam is U.C.E. which is un-solicited email and THIS is
a d-board, not email), my conduct did not break any
rules of this board of which I agreed to whereas semi
on the other hand not only has broken the vulgarity
and obscenity rule, but also did so not keeping his word
of agreeing not to when he became a member of the d-board.

In my rebuttal, I quoted, pointed, circles and arrows, full case...

But at this juncture, I rest. If dissection is hereafter solicited,
I would be obligated to re-create the extravagant misplaced

Oh, btw, thank you again kpasa!

MonkeyAnvil 07-13-2007 04:25 PM

Moving on
Glad we have diversity here. Contrast is paramount to a community, and without it we'd all be sucked into the mind-numbing vanilla-like complacency of neighborhood-association-front-lawn-maintenance.

Let's celebrate differences, and stop looking at what divides us, and look at what we have in common.

Thank you Mr. Mandela.

- stepping down off soapbox.

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