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Dravon1011 12-21-2010 03:06 PM

Sacramento Christmas Lights
Since Christmas is almost here i like to take my daughter around sacramento to look at the best decorated houses. I usually go to the fab 40s, but does anyone know of some other awesome decorated houses around sacramento and EG?

Mr.B 12-21-2010 03:24 PM

Dovewood Court is the best that I've seen. Where is Fab 40's?

dovewood court 95662 - Google Maps

Mr.B 12-21-2010 03:53 PM

Orelle Creek Court is another one.

orelle creek court - Google Maps

Burkedup 12-28-2010 12:22 AM

I know its after Christmas, but the Sac Bee .com has a listing of some good ones.

@ Mr. B. Fab Forties is the part of town between Folsom Blvd & J st And 40th street to 48th street. Great for Christmas lights, Halloween and The garden walk.

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