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repeater75 07-23-2007 12:15 AM

Hi, San Marcos residents.

I'm a Dallas native but have been living in California since 2001. I'm planning to sell my home and move to San Marcos before the end of the year. Hope to get my house sold by October, in fact.

I'm tired of the stress of paying an Orange County mortgage. I miss all my family in San Antonio and Big D. I'm also very fond of how nice people are in the great state of Texas.

I lived in Dallas for 22 years, by the way and have a BS in Economics and Finance from UT Dallas. I am in the business software consulting and support business. I'm actually a friend of Barry Genaske, if you happen to know him. He owns Great Hills Management Systems and is based out of San Marcos.

I've been married 9 years and have 2 young boys as well.

Best regards to all!

A2 07-23-2007 04:46 AM

Welcome to the board Repeater....

I know Barry. I did some clean up work for him and his wife after the hail storm this past winter. Great people.

Hope you get out of California before it drops off into the


repeater75 07-23-2007 09:46 AM

Thanks, A2. Much obliged.

I figure I'll make it by the hair of my chinny chin chin. :-)

Things are looking better and better for the move to happen. My wife's full support being number one. Even her mother said it sounds like its the right decision for us.

We're looking around the area just Northwest of the downtown/TSU area off Blanco/12 on the North side. Seems like some homes in that area are in our range and the right size. Plus its only about 3 miles from there to the Target and other major shopping. I hope its far enough from all the student rentals. We're old people in our mid-30's with kids now. :-) Not avid partiers anymore!

semi-native 07-23-2007 10:02 AM

Depending on where you go on that side of town, you could be knee deep in rentals. What streets/neighborhoods are you looking at?

repeater75 07-25-2007 09:00 PM

Well, semi-native - we're using and looking at 4 bedroom homes with 2000+ sq feet for under $225k.

1100 Franklin Dr is one that looked kinda great but I understand its under half a mile from the train tracks.

104 Panorama Dr is a little on the small side for a home of that age and price - the listing says "Prestigeous spring lake hills above aquarena springs in a tucked away in a cul-de-sac with beautiful trees" - seems like it might be a nice neighborhood.

MLS ID # 141536 on Cross (don't know the street number) is in a bit of a different area. I'm starting to wonder about the original location I was looking at (where the first two above are) because I've heard Bowie is a nicer elementary school than Travis. Both of my kids are young so that's important.

Back to the original part of town I was thinking of is 80 Elm Hill Ct which is a spacious 2800 sq ft with lots of great sounding features. I'd really like to see the inside of that one.

MLS ID # 143884 on Nichols Dr. is a contender, even if the kitchen is ugly and dated. That's no big deal to me though because I'd rather get what my wife wants than someone else's vision of an ideal kitchen.

I think 208 Valero Dr is right by Bowie elementary and looks nice.

I have a friend who live on Hunter Ridge Road - totally different part of town (South of the "city"). I think that's a little further from the conveniences than I care for.

So - any thoughts on those neighborhoods in general?

One other thing besides college student renters that we want to avoid is overcrowded multi-family houses. We have real problems with that in my current neighborhood (where houses go from $575 to $750k) because of the large amount of cars it makes parking difficult and when you start to have 12 kids in a house become a frequent occurrence, the local elementary school can't keep up. I could go on for hours. Transients moving between houses so you never know who is really there - could be criminals or sex offenders in and out and you'd never know it. Ugh. Can't wait to move!

alb 08-01-2007 10:12 AM

Info. on homes
I would be glad to send you more info. on any of the homes that you talked about in your letter. I live on Hunter ridge and moved from Elm hill court. The home on hunter ridge needs a little up dating and the home on elm hill court shows very well. I think the home that you mentioned at 1100 Franklin has the most open floor plan and also has a nice hill country view and large deck. This home also has an updated kitchen and stainless steel appliances. I just happen show property for a living.

semi-native 08-01-2007 02:35 PM


I don't know how I missed this. Sorry.

Here's my take:

1100 Franklin Dr - Nice neighborhood, but there are some renters in the area and the street has its share of problems with speeders, because it cuts through from Ranch Road 12 to Bishop. The train tracks are near everything. This is about as far from them as you're going to get.

104 Panorama Dr - This is a nicer neighborhood than Franklin and not a through street. Probably not a lot of renters here.

Cross - I know some people who live out on this side of town and love it. I prefer the hills around RR12, but this is almost surely quieter.

80 Elm Hill Ct - Not where I would go. LBJ is busy and plagued by speeders and drunk drivers and there are lots of rental properties nearby and KB Homes, which are not much better.

Nichols Dr. - See Elm Hill Ct. Without the street number, I can't say how close it is to LBJ, but it is not where I would live.

208 Valero Dr - I think this is east of 35. I don't know much about the various neighborhoods over there, but it is too flat for me.

We don't have the multi-family houses that I think you are thinking of (3 floors, with one family/generation on each floor). We do have 15 students crammed into a 4-bedroom house, though. OK, maybe not 15, but sometimes quite a few.

I'm no realtor, but I have lived in San Marcos next to forever and I own a home not far from some of those neighborhoods.

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